Monday, April 18, 2011

My memory cards are full.

“Take any pictures lately?” I get asked that quite a bit, and it always makes me want to giggle. Take any pictures? Does the Pope share his crackers? Has the Queen of England tried on any new hats? Does Charlie Sheen….oh, let’s not go there.

I have taken LOTS of pictures lately. I take pictures of everything. See?

That’s me looking out the patio doors during Friday night’s hail storm, praying for the good Lord to spare that new glass top table from hail damage. And that weird yellow shade of the photo? That’s untouched. That’s exactly how the sky looked at our house during the storm.

I take pictures all of the time, and usually I share them here, but here lately I’ve just been too busy to download them, clean them up and upload them to the World Wide Web. I keep thinking I’ll get around to it, but then something else happens, and I don’t get around to it. April has been a blur, and I can’t imagine May will be any better since it’s Teen Angel’s last month of high school. But let me tell ya’, I’ve been takin’ pictures.

There were daffodils. 

And dogwoods.

And cherry blossoms.

Oh, and tulips, lots of tulips.

There were some engagement pictures.

And some senior pictures that were most fun. In fact, this young man is one of my new favorite people.

Then there were family pictures for a friend of mine.

And later this week? Prom pictures. Dresses and hairdos and shoes loom in my future. It will be great fun, and I hope to share them with you, but don’t be surprised if it’s July before you see them. I hope not, but I’m not sure whether to scratch my watch or wind my butt right now, so I won’t make any promises I can’t keep. But just in case you were wondering, yes, I’ve been taking pictures.


karisma said...

I also take lots of pictures but don't have time to share them all. Today I was trying to take pictures of pictures. Just for you dear! LOL. I started my question answering with yours. ;-) I have to say, taking pictures of pictures does not work so well. I deleted most of them. haha!

I do so love the flower pictures. I am always snapping away at flowers and trees and leaves and spiders and even grass. Everything looks so lovely in the right light. sigh. ahem but who has time for that right? LOL

Hugs xoxox

A New England Life said...

Just make sure your backing up all those wonderful pictures! Life is always so hectic, isn't it? Yes, this next month or so should be a lively one!

J.G. said...

Take your time. We'll wait!

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

When does the pool open for business? I can be there in 15 hours. :)

oreneta said...

This reminds me that I have to clear out my hard drive too....

Wouldn't it be nice to have memory cards, just plug another in?

"CAPTAIN DAVE" said...

Does the Pope share his crackers???

Ruby Badcoe said...

These pictures are very beautiful. You have such a good eye for photography. I've always loved taking pictures and capturing beautiful photos. That's why it frustrates me when I find my flash drives full and I have no more room for other photos.