Friday, April 8, 2011

Louis Armstrong-The Sunshine of love

This one is really for the 2.3 family members who read this blog, but the rest of you might enjoy the video. I've been working on engagement photos for my cousin's son and his fiance. Looking at pictures of young people in love always makes me smile and think about those good old days when you worried more about being together than how you were going to pay the electric bill. Livin' on love, Hubby and I call it. It's a grand time before you discover how hard marriage is, and it's memories of those times that help to carry you through those days when you want to whack your spouse up the side of the head with a two by four. They're just the cutest couple, and I can't wait to shoot their wedding.

It just makes me hum Louie Armstrong tunes when I look at them.

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Jan n Jer said...

Cute shot...oh to see young love. They just dont realize what they are in for!!!