Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Delightfully Tacky yet Unrefined

Hubby continues to add little items to his Man Cave here and there, like some signs we brought him back from Europe.  The latest addition?  A rolling drink cooler that we can use when large groups are at the house.  You know, like the kind you see in convenience stores.  After weeks of scouring Craigs List, Ebay and yard sales, he found one.  It was free.  All he had to do was replace the broken lid with a new one fabricated for just a few dollars by a local graphic arts business.  And boy was it ever a hit with his monthly poker buddies and our 30ish male electrician who came to check on a breaker Saturday. 

AND certainly with the thirteen year old next door neighbor who happened to be outside when Hubby unloaded it.

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Linda said...

Men and their toys! Never a dull moment!