Sunday, January 13, 2008

Loose Ends

Wrapping up a fine week with these tidbits:

Our Sunday school class weighed in this morning following our first official Biggest Loser week. A dozen people lost a total of 94 pounds. Woo hoo! Apparently, I got carried away with my cheerleading. When I gave a high five to one of our classmates, who suffers from cerebral palsey, she looked me dead in the eye and said, "Not so hard". Oops! We high fived again over her five pound loss, and I walked away a little sheepish. Hubby lost three pounds despite a mid week Milky Way and milk shake. Yea!

This week's Cracker Barrell count for Mama J. and Papa T: 3. Papa T. was out of sorts last night when we ate there. They didn't seat us at our usual table near the front, and those of you who have a loved one who suffers from dementia know how important routine can be to that loved one. He pouted for some time about it, fussed because he thought the waitress forgot his drink order, then declared he was ordering lima beans for a change but proceeded to order carrots. I guess we're learning to roll with the punches of this disease because we laughed the whole time.

Mama J. is two weeks away from surgery for her "massy hernia" as she calls it. The massive hernia is growing and must come out, despite her age (80-don't tell her I told you) and her sketchy health. She's really worried about it (as are we), so she's been making all kinds of "final arrangments" this month in case she doesn't make it through the surgery. At first we were a little disturbed about it, but now we've heard about it so much, it's become a little funny. Every day at random, she throws out some kind of funeral or will tidbit, which is greeted by a chorus of "we know, we know".

Teen Angel got her report card Friday. All A's and she's number one in her class right now. Can I get a big woo hoo for the honor student who might get some scholarships if she keeps this up and save her parents from hocking everything they own to send her to college?

And I ran seven miles for the first time yesterday. That's nothing to serious runners, but to me it was a big deal. Almost as big as when I ran into the yard this summer to show Hubby I could get into my old college jeans (Don't think I'm bragging. This only happens about once a decade.) In my excitement to show him they were buttoned, I threw up my shirt too high and flashed the neighbor. Good thing he doesn't see well. Anyhoo, yesterday's run gave me a glimmer of hope that I might be able to do that trail run in March. However, my thighs are screaming "NO!" right now.

And it's Girl Scout cookie time. This is the first year in a long time Teen Angel hasn't had to sell cookies. While we didn't mind selling cookies, and she loved Girl Scouts, it was very nice this week to sign someone else's order form and not worry about having to sell cookies. Sigh. A mighty fine way to end the week.

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janjanmom said...

On cookies-you cannot even imagine how divine I am feeling about that right now!! DIVINE, I say.

Run to my house, I'll give you a circus peanut.