Friday, January 4, 2008

Summer of '82

Sorry for the poor quality of the photo below, but I'm hampered by a lack of software tonight that will allow me to blow up and pretty up this gem from July of 1982. Look closely, though and you'll see why I'm posting it. This is the summer after my high school graduation. The summer of new beginnings: my first real love ( it would last four years), my first real job (up until this time I had made all my money mowing yards), the discovery of eye liner and the work toward reaching big dreams. As you can see way back in 1982 I was already dreaming of being a Rockette...and working on my pose. Too bad I wasn't wearing shoes.

1 comment:

janjanmom said...

You are totally rockette material!! Go for it!

Oh wait, how did your jogging scabs heal?? Scars?