Thursday, January 31, 2008

Random Thoughts

I feel as if I’ve been given a ticket to a show I don’t want to see. I can’t stand to watch Britney Spears disintegrate before my eyes. It is painful to watch. There is nothing funny about it, and it’s time everyone stepped away and stopped peering into her illness. Those of us who watch from our recliners are just as guilty, in my opinion, as the people taking pictures of her. After all, the paparazzi wouldn’t do it if there wasn’t a market for their work. Anyone who has nurtured a friend or loved one through serious mental illness can see that Britney is likely knocking on death’s door and toying with the idea of walking across the threshold. It is beyond sad, and I just don’t want to be a part of the rubbernecking anymore. Somebody tell me when it’s safe to turn my TV back on.

Hee Hee
We knew Mama J. was going to be alright immediately after her surgery Monday. Almost as soon as she arrived in the recovery room she said to Hubby and Sissy, “I wonder if they have a beauty shop in this hospital.” She was already plotting her next wash and set. The doctor didn’t realize that was a far better indicator of her status than the output in her catheter.

Ha Ha
Our niece and her husband adopted a little girl from China a couple of years ago. She is three years old and so stinkin’ cute it makes your teeth hurt. Miss Sophie is well aware of her charms and has everyone in the room wrapped around her finger within minutes of her grand entrance. Her parents have talked to her many times about her adoption and her native country. It seems she understands. The other day someone asked her where she was from and she said, “I was made in China”. See what I mean? Stinkin’ cute.

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janjanmom said...

I agree on the Britney thing. I knew she was bad off when she shaved her head. Seriously, can you imagine shaving your head for ANY reason EVER besides pledging love and support to a friend with cancer?? I mean, sure I've been tempted on a really bad hair day-but to follow through?? She is in a bad bad place.