Saturday, January 12, 2008

Vote For Me

Sniff, sniff. It hurts my feelings when people say mean thing about me. It's just another example of hitting that glass ceiling..... Can you hear the quiver in my voice? Is it working? No? Well, it worked for another candidate last week, I thought it might work for me.

In a shameless wave of self promotion I am urging you to head on over to Swampy's and vote for me in her wild west contest. It's what any good candidate would do, right? I wrote a little ditty you'll find in the comments section along with the funny entries of some other folks. But I'm really, really, really coveting the prize from that cool Aspen store, so if you like me, love me, tolerate me or just flat out don't want to hear me whine about losing then saddle up pardner, sashay on over there and rustle me up some votes. Oh, and Swampy's site is a good read, so you'll enjoy it.

Did I mention where you can vote? I did? And that you can vote multiple times? Oh, okay. I'll just be ridin' along now. I have some rustle up.


swampy said...

You are in the lead ! WhooHoo

Cruise Mom said...

Didn't work for that other candidate, but it did for you!