Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sweet Temptation

This is the box of candy Teen Angel got for Valentine's Day from her grandma.

Now, thankfully, she's a share girl, so let's open it up and root around for something tasty, say a strawberry bon bon or a coconut cluster. Certainly not one of those stinkin' orange things that I uncontrollably expel from my mouth the second it touches my tongue. Looky here. What's this? Strange writing? I don't remember this the last time I filched a chocolate covered filbert.

Let's look a little closer.

Woops! It appears someone is having a little trouble with his diet this week. Either that or we have a mouse in our house. A 6' 4" mouse with long, shaggy hair. I hope he likes the orange filled ones.


janjanmom said...

I love the orange ones OR strawberry, raspberry. I strongly dislike the dark truffle ones.

Shame on her for the reminder. It must be really hard to be alone with a box of chocolates all day. Poor mouse.

BOSSY said...

So funny. Although Bossy prefers the caramels.

oreneta said...

I kinda like th orange ones...and the dark ones, I jsut don´t like the boozy ones...enjoy...I think I have to go and buy some chocolate now.