Monday, August 4, 2008

143 Days Until Christmas

It’s 105 degrees outside and the first week of August, but I’m working on Christmas cards. I know, I know. It’s not because I WANT to. It’s because it takes me so stinkin’ long to print them and sign them. You see, I always get this wild hair to make my own Christmas cards. It’s because I’m a Cancer. We Cancer’s like to create stuff. We’re all artsy craftsy and like homemade things. Apparently, we’re also prone to starting projects and not finishing them until months later.

The problem is that I forget that I’m Christmas card challenged. Every year. Instead of buying two boxes of cards at Walgreens with a lovely Currier and Ives scene on the front and signing them, I jump into Microsoft Publisher and try to create something clever and unique. And then that juggernaut called the holiday season kicks in, rolls right over me and leaves me struggling at the last minute to print, stamp and mail cards. It’s like childbirth. It’s really painful, but some crazy psychological thing kicks in blocking out the memory of the pain so even though every December 24th I swear I won’t do it again, by April I’m all “Hey, I’m gonna make our own Christmas cards this year. That way they’ll be special.”

It takes me forever to mail cards, even when I buy the boxed ones. One year I mailed valentines instead of Christmas cards because I never even got my Christmas cards in the mail. Everyone thought I was so sweet to remember them with a valentine. Eh, not really. I was just slow. I’ve started addressing and signing boxed cards as early as October and still didn’t mail them until a few days before Christmas. Each year I start earlier and earlier. This time I actually thought about them LAST December. I’ve been saving photos from Christmas 2007 and other special events and have narrowed it down to three. Now, I need your help. Take a look at these and vote on your favorite. Tell me which one you think will work best for the 2008 Hula-gen Holiday card with some kind of witty, clever saying over the photo. As they say in Chicago, vote early and vote often. I need to get moving. It’s already August.

Picture #1-Teen Angel. A rare photo of a 15-year old smiling.
Picture #2-Hubby waiting for all the Hula-gen's to shut up and get in the car already.

Picture #3-Our family photo at my brother's wedding. It's


oreneta said...

I mean this in the most loving're NUTS!!!!

Isn't it HOt down there?

OMG. You are so amazingly organised I am completely impressed, and I sincerely hope you're going to use the last photo for the cards. Please? Pretty please with sugar on top?

Mia said...

my address is **** ******** ** I'll take any card you wanna send!! : )

Mia said...
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Cruise Mom said...

Photo #2 has so many wonderful possibilities! Even though I love the whole family photo idea, just think of the humorous captions you can write for photo #2.

Give me awhile and I might even come up with a caption, but my creativity is done for the day....

Jason said...

I like these pics! I don't think I've seen Hubby before.

Just for the record, I think you're crazy.

karisma said...

Oh Shit! Did we forget to tell you? Christmas is cancelled! It was decided that it has become far too commercialized so we is not doing it Annyyyyymoooorrrrreeeee!

And em errr are sure you are a cancer? Because you sound an awful lot like me? And I am not a cancer at all!

Ok I have to admit that the NO. 2 is my favourite! He looks so bored and fed up! Its priceless!

But I guess the last one is way better to send as you are all in the picture! So its more suitable!

Who is that Jason guy? Who is he calling crazy? I don't see any crazy around here! Should I put a hug hex on him????

Oh yeah btw I have bestowed upon you an award and a meme at the same time! It will give you something else to do besides make gifts you probably will never finish or send! Just sayin! I do it every year! Its the thought that counts darling! And I still like the hubby picture the best! You could do so much with it! Hmmmmmmm~!

Amy said...

Not to add more pressure to your "Cancer" personality, but maybe you could find away to use all 3 on your Christmas card. They are all perfect, so I can't choose just one.:)

Best of luck!:)