Sunday, August 3, 2008

Thoughts at The Water Park

Sir? Sir! Why do you have the word "squirrel" tattooed on your back?

Okay, I really am the only person in the U.S. without a tattoo.

TWO nipple rings? TWO?!! Were you drunk when that happened?

Lady, if your belly completely hides your bathing suit bottom, your suit is too small.

What exactly is the capacity of this wave pool?

If one more sticky, hot, half naked person bumps into me, I'm going to scream.

Remind me why we thought it would be good to be here on a 110 degree day.

Where the heck is that lazy river and why am I not in it yet?

It's a shame they don't sell mojitos at this place.

Ooh, I'll just wait all day to potty because I CANNOT walk barefoot on that wet bathroom floor.

Okay, I'm not worrying about covering up those old stretch marks around my belly button anymore after what I've seen exposed today.

Do we really want to see this much of each other?


Mia said...

might I add a couple? I am sure we MAY be walking that same bathroom floor....
Sir is that you or a mohair sweater your'e wearing?
Swim away from the warm spots in the water children swim away

oreneta said...

Why do we want to swim around in the same water that is washing around these people's privates. That is what I always wonder. And what bleach is strong enough for this?

Amy said...

"Sir, why are you laying out in your bathing suit wearing black socks and black shoes?" :)

This is what I thought to myself on the cruise ship as he grabbed the lounge chair beside me out on the deck.:)

Funny post!:)