Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Everyone In The Pool!

Have you met my new husband? Well, we haven’t ACTUALLY tied the knot yet, and there’s that matter of ACTUALLY meeting each other and him ACTUALLY overlooking our twenty year age difference, but I’m sure we’ll work through all that just as soon as he gets back to the states. Whew! I’ve never been so interested in swimming in all my life. That Michael Phelps is hot, hot, hot.

He’s my Olympic crush this year. I have one each Olympics. It started back in1980 with Big Jim. His picture stayed on my high school locker for months.

Twenty- eight years later it’s Michael. Oh, a couple of guys on the gymnastics team came close, like that Alexander What’s-His-Name and I’m sure there’s a runner or two that will catch my eye next week when track and field kicks in, but Mr. Phelps runs rings (wink, wink) around those guys. Speaking of rings have you noticed that little tattoo he has tucked just below the top of his swimsuit?
Not that I was looking there are anything, ‘cause I admire him for his athleticism.
And his strength.
And his charming boy next door manners when he’s talking to the media or standing on the podium.
And his team spirit.
Um…and his abs.
Hmmm. Do you think Hubby will mind our new pool boy?

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Mike Golch said...

I just stopped by to say I. I'm not touching that new pool boy.

Amy said...

I can totally appreciate what you see in his "athleticism.";)

And with Teen Angel around, you need a pool boy that is also a good swimmer, with really strong arms, and six pack abs.

Remember, safety first.;)

A New England Life said...

Where's the tatoo? I don't see the tatoo! How low is it? WHAT is it?

Yeah, nice um ... abs.

Sharon said...

Hula Girl! I'm Amy's (In My Life) Mom - and I'm with you on that gorgeous Michael Phelps! WHAT AN ATHLETE! I've watched the Olympics for years (back to Mark Spitz :) and he's just amazing!!!! I have OD'd on the Olympics this week and am SO TIRED.....I'd so much rather watch that than go to work!! UGH!
Anyway, I'm sure soaking it up - also love the men's gymnastics - and that cute little Jonathan Horton!
Have a great day!
Sandra :) (Amy's Mom)

karisma said...

Nah! He won't even notice he's there.

Mia said...

The Olympics....sigh

hulagirlatheart said...

a new england life...look low, very low for the Olympic rings peeking just above the edge.

Amy's mom...I'm tired too 'cause I can't get in bed before midnight. I'm just mesmerized. It happens every two years.

Joy T. said...

I came over to make sure I visited for FM. I did. But mmmboy am I glad I came over again!! Now. Could I bother you to go pull those trunks down....just a smidge of course. I can't see the...rings :o)

dkuroiwa said...

oh mymymyMYMYmyMY!!!
I do love a swimmer's body...and that is almost perfection!! There is a picture with Phelps and 2 others (sorry, I don't know the names...just the tight tummies and awesome butts!), but they were cheering on a teammate....THAT one is one to keep!!!
okay...must go back and look some more...thanks for the eyecandy this evening!!!