Friday, September 12, 2008

And Now I Know

The last few weeks have been interesting because I've made so many reconnections with folks from my childhood. It's been great, but a couple of times I've wondered if this is what it feels like when you're dying of some disease and you try to make up for lost time. I wrote recently about our elementary school reunion, which was a hoot. And before that I wrote about my old school buddy Ramona, who I haven't seen since our 8th grade graduation. Many times over the last thirty (gulp) years, I've wondered where she was and what she was up to. Well, my friend Madd Maxx..remember him? He's the one who laughs like this.....He went home to Louisiana after our reunion in, as Hubby's grandma used to say, a swivet, hell bent on finding Ramona for me. He is some kind of genealogy buff/super sleuth who has a real knack for finding folks, and earlier this week blessed me with a location and phone number for Ramona. Last night, I took a shower, grabbed a tall glass of iced tea and dialed her number. And she was home. And we talked...and talked..and talked. For 69 minutes.

Now, she was kind enough not to squeal because I wrote about her AND posted an old picture of her on the web without her knowing, so I won't go into detail about our conversation last night. In fact, I'm only giving you this update because some of you have asked me several times since that original post if I've had any luck finding her. I will tell you though that it was a great conversation. Her laugh is still as infectious as ever, and I could have talked all night. She is a few hundred miles away from me and doing very, well and I hope one day soon when she comes home to see her mother we can hook up for that piece of pie, some face to face girl talk and a big hug. We have so much to talk about.

If you're reading this Ramona, thanks for the chat last night and for not passing out when you saw yourself on the World Wide Web. It was so good to connect with you again. Oh, and thanks Madd Maxx for your detective work.


Mike Golch said...

oops I think that you just let the cat out of the bag.

THat's Ok at my Moms wake a family friend and I were talming when her daughter let something out of the bag that I thought that would never be let out. it was about the time my friend Oz and I climbed up a wall that was next to a bridge adbutment we climed to the top of the bridge from the was had to be a good 75 feet. She said it was a good thing toy two not cases made it all the way up there,how would I have explained you two fools getting your selfs killed.Mind you she talked us into it. by use of a double dog dare.

Jason said...

Mad Max looks like a kick!

karisma said...

How wonderful! I hooked up with an old school friend through blogging and now we keep in touch! Madd Max looks infectious! What a great laugh!

Amy said...

Yay! I'm so glad you finally got to talk to her!

Mad Max sounds like good people to me! ;)

God Bless,

Trailboss said...

I can't believe I found another blogger from the town I work in. It is a small world huh?

oreneta said...

Aren't friends just amazing! That is so incredibly cool! Hi Ramona! Glad you two got into touch.

Cruise Mom said...

Wonderful! Thanks for updating us.