Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Road Warrior

Occasionally, I like to take the opportunity to introduce a new luau character to you, dear readers. Today I'd like you to meet this guy.
Oh, how I was hoping I could work this picture into a post because he reads this blog all of the time, and well, if you were his mischievous old grade school buddy, wouldn't YOU want to post this picture on the World Wide Web? I thought so.

Anyway, previously on this site he has been referred to as G, but from now on he will be called Madd in this guy...only without the dark hair and rippling muscles.
That's because when last heard from he was deep in the bowels of Louisiana, in a crowd of 16 gazillion people trying to elbow his way into a Home Depot for more gas cans, so he could then wait in another line with 16 gazillion people at a gas station for more gasoline to run his generator while the utility companies try to restore electricity to the 16 gazillion people smacked around by some dude named Gustav. So far, this Road Warrior has managed to survive tarping his wind damaged roof, a potential body cavity search by local law enforcement and being stuck in the house with two bored children. Let's hope he still has a sense of humor by the time he gets around to reading this.

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