Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Autumn's Angel

I penned this poem in memory of my nephew who died on this date eight years ago.

Autumn's Angel

The smell of fall reminds me of you
And the day that you left us; the day three became two.
You slipped from our hands like the leaves from the trees
Yanked loose from their limbs in a crisp autumn breeze.

We weren’t quite ready to let you go.
We wanted more time. We needed you so.
I can’t believe it’s been eight years.
I still miss your face. I still shed tears.

I try to be strong but the loss tests my faith.
I have to believe you’re in a much better place.
What’s it like to walk on gold;
To never be sick and never grow old?

To dance without worry, trouble or care;
To sing His praises as long as you dare?
Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine;
His touch so warm; His love divine.

Is the sky so blue it hurts your eyes?
Are the stars so bright they dazzle the skies?
Do the hungry have food? Do the homeless have shoes?
Are the children all loved? Do the sick never lose?

Have you seen some old friends whose work doesn’t cease;
The healers, the teachers, the keepers of peace?
Martin and Lincoln, Theresa and John.
Tell them we work so their memory lives on.

Save me a seat at the table of grace.
Put me near Jesus so I can see His face.
Wrap me in love every day.
Give me wisdom when I lose my way.

Keep me safe. Please walk with me.
Be my angel. Set my worries free.
Help me be strong ‘til I see you again.
I haven’t forgotten. I love you, my friend.
Myrtle Beach, 1995 with his dad. They are together again
as his dad died two years ago.


Kelley said...

That was truly beautiful.

Trailboss said...

A very touching poem.

karisma said...

Amen! Absolutely beautiful writing Hula! What a wonderful tribute to a beautiful little soul!

Hugs and blessings to you! Keep the peace within your heart, he is in good hands.

just me... said...

I don't know how I 'got' here to your blog but I just read your beautiful poem. Absolutely loved it- how touching and beautiful.