Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baby Bonanza

Have you met my nephew?

Not THAT Hoss. THIS Hoss. Look at him all squeezed in there like a fat man at Carlsbad Caverns. That’s his fist in his mouth, although Teen Angel thinks it looks like he’s gnawing on a chicken leg. From the size of that boy he may BE eating solid food. Monday’s ultra sound revealed an estimated weight of 8.3 pounds, and Mrs. Scrubs isn’t due until October 17th. Don’t they pick up a pound or two in the last couple of weeks? Yikes! Hope she’s signed up for that epidural. His previous ultrasound revealed big feet, and as Teen Angel said the other day, “With those feet we should have realized that eventually he’d grow into them.”

That boy is a whopper. He is simply out of room in his current digs, so we think it won’t be long and he’ll be kicking his way out of there. The doctor says he’s inducing if Hoss isn’t here by October 13th. We can’t wait. We’ll be there with bells on…and with chicken.


Mia said...

Yipee! How exciting! I am praying for an easy & quick delivery!
We find out the he or she status here at our house on Oct. 30th

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I love, love, love babies! How exciting!!

Amy said...

I gave birth to a 9lb 14oz version of Hoss myself 16 years ago....Via a C section as a result of God's sweet mercy on me.;)

A new baby! How exciting!


God Bless,

Trailboss said...

I am thrilled for you guys. I just love my grandbabies to death. Nothing like 'em.

karisma said...

That is "bloody amazing" (excuse the aussie talk)! But WOW, its almost as good as a photo! He is going to be just gorgeous! My DB was 9.6 pounds very big for me! I swore at the time I must have given birth to a water melon. It sure put me off having any more, they just kept getting bigger!

They still look small though once they are out! LOL!

Hula Hank said...

oh my goodness! That is some amazing detail for an ultrasound! I looks like somebody just snapped a photo.

That is out of this world!