Friday, October 10, 2008

Things That Make Me Feel Old

Stumbling across this kind of thing on the internet. The B-52's today.Sigh. Time marches on. Why, I remember the good old days, the Private Idaho days, circa 1979. Freshman year. Dancin' to the original Love Shack late into the night during pom pom squad camp. And doing the Rock Lobster. Oh, the Rock Lobster. Ordering pizza past curfew and talking about boys until 2am. Somewhere tucked away in a box is my pink punk sunglasses and my new wave polka dot dress with the big heart shaped belt. Sigh. Has it really been that long? Say it ain't so, Fred.


Mike Golch said...

How do you think I feel the stones and the Beatles(what is left of them) are all in their 60's. man do I ever feel old.

Trailboss said...

Oh girl, I saw then in concert at a small theater in Houston 1978. We were on the front row and dancing like crazy. We were finally told we would have to stop dancing so we left! I had on my brand new dress my friend Carole had made. We all called it my trash bag dress cause it was a brown and one piece strapless dress. I wore it that night and one other time out to the clubs. But OH MY! I love me some B-52's!

Jason said...

"I was good, I could talk, a mile a minute, on this caffeine buzz I was on, we were really hummin... in the garden in torn sheets, in the in the garden in torn sheets in the rain, in the rain."

That just popped into my head.

You know, they're still doing pretty darn well, those B-52's!

Mia said...

where were you people when I was struggling in a small town because I liked the B-52's?!?! At my hick school I endured much ridicule for this!