Sunday, October 12, 2008

Proof We Are Easily Amused

We spend a lot of time laughing at our dog. I hope he forgives us. He's just so darn funny. Owning a miniature schnauzer is an adventure. They try desperately to communicate with you, so they are very vocal. They're very smart, too. And no other breed has more personality. Their egos are much bigger than their bodies. They'll pick a fight with a great dane and never realize what a suicidal move that is. Jack is a great watch dog. No one comes near our house without him raising ten kinds of Cane. (He hates the UPS man.) Of course, he also hides in the back bedroom when I turn on the stove, and I've found him standing in the middle of the bed with his head under the covers during a midnight thunderstorm, so he's obviously more bark than bite. He loves his peeps and is definately a lap dog. Every night around 9pm he crawls onto my lap and lays there while I read and then follows me to bed where he's been known to hog my pillow. He's one of the family. Shucks, I love him just for his cute, floppy ears. We didn't have the heart to have them cut when he was a puppy. He brings us great pleasure and gives us several laughs every day. Today's laugh? Well, before I show you this picture, keep in mind that the focus of a schnauzer's appearance is his beard. It's their trademark. It also gets in the way every time they eat, and schnauzers LOVE food, any food, especially people food. This is what happens when you feed a hungry schnauzer who's been on a diet for the last month some homemade vegetable soup.Don't laugh too hard, though. He just might get embarrassed. And then he'll ignore you.At least until you sit down with a fluffy pillow to read.


Mike Golch said...

Cats are a lot like this as well.
Harvey my cat is great for ignoring you,that when get get comfy in the recliner chair,he'll jump into your lap wanting to be petted and paid attention to.

karisma said...

LOL! Looks like he could use a little chin hair cut?

Rayne said...

Schnauzers are wonderful. We have a standard schnauzer named Abby. We got her when we lived in Germany so her ears and tail are intact. You are right! So much personality and so funny! She talks, talks, talks, away all of the time.

Amy said...

LOL!:)Bless his heart!
That's what my chin looks like after eating too.;)

God Bless,

Trailboss said...

Such a doll! I had a boxer named Jack. He was a baby doll too.