Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fun Monday-Halloween

The lovely Sayre is our hostess this week, and here is our assignment:

Tell us about your favorite Halloween as a kid (pictures, if you have them!), and show us your costume for this year. If you're not dressing up, show us a picture of a pumpkin carving that really tickled your fancy or how you decorated your house.

I don't have a costume this year because the party I'm going to does not require a costume. However, if I WERE wearing a costume, I'd probably go as Carmen Miranda because that's my all time favorite costume. I've always loved Halloween and dressing up. I'm all about the costumes. That's probably one of the reasons I love the Parrot head stuff so much. It's an excuse to dress wacky. When I was in college I regularly did the Rocky Horror Picture Show thing, always in costume. For the record, I was Magenta, and I was very authentic. I don't have a picture, but let's just say I looked almost exactly like the real thing.
Tucked away somewhere in a box in the attic is my old RHPS costume. My friends V. and G. would dress up as Nell and Frankenfurter, and we'd do the Time Warp in cities as large as St. Louis. Good times. I dressed up in high school, too. My freshman year I won the costume contest dressed as a box of Kleenex.

As a kid, Halloween was a blast, but I can't think of a single Halloween that was better than the rest. In elementary school we had a costume contest every year, and I remember dressing as everything from a clown to Dolly Parton. Back then no one bought a costume. Everyone made their own out of stuff they had around the house or crafted out of paper mache. I usually started thinking about my costume around the first of October, digging around in dress up boxes and mom and dad's old clothes. Long before October 31st I had my outfit crafted and ready to go. We lived in the country and had no close neighbors, so we had to drive fifteen minutes into town to trick-or-treat. I have vivid memories of racing through crunchy leaves in the cool night air trying to beat my brothers or my friends to the porch to ring the doorbell. Back then, you could roam all over neighborhoods, going to homes you weren't familiar with and never really worrying about someone trying to hurt you. It was a great time, but I honestly have to say that I never enjoyed Halloween more than when Teen Angel was little. Hubby and I have had a ball over the years helping her to dress up and trick or treat. She's big on costumes, too. She was a "debbel" the first year.
Mama sewed this costume. She ran around all night whacking things with her plastic pitchfork. The next year she was a "weetch".That's my cousin's little girl on the left. My child was always the hungry one. She had to have an apple for a snack before she made it to the second house.

Like most little girls, she went through a Disney phase. This was the year she was Esmeralda.
She kept scratching her had all night because the wig was itchy.

About age five she started getting into the more creepy costumes.
She loved being a vampire. She said this mummy outfit was a bust because she starting coming unwrapped about halfway through our neighborhood.
It didn't stop her from racking up the candy. The best costume she had though, was the one I can't find a picture of. I know that picture is around here somewhere, and it's driving me crazy because I can't find it. It's the year she was a Lego. I painted a box red, cut out holes for her head and arms and glued six red, plastic Solo cups to the front. I also glued a sour cream container to a small box and painted that red for a small Lego for her head. It was great, but you'll just have to take my word for it because I can't find the photo. ARRRRGGGHHH! I hate it when that happens. I'll bet if I ate a few of those Reeses cups I bought for the tricker or treaters I'd feel better about that.


swampy said...

What a cute "debbel." In fact, she's just a cutie from start to finish.
Now, excuse me while I go eat a bag of Reese's Cups.

Mia said...

Reese's are why they invented trick or treat!
RHPS..good times...I was always Janet..hmmm
Anyway once wore a silk slip and had the words "Freudian Slip" on the front for a costume party : )

Heather said...

Mmmm, I love Reese's peanut butter cups. Your daughters outfits were great! i can juts hear her saying, "Debbel"

Cruise Mom said...

Great costumes, hope you find that Lego picture! My Diva has the same vampire costume as Teen Angel - she's wearing it this year!

karisma said...

Ha your debbel was most adorable. She still is! All great costumes!

Hootin' Anni said...


My costume this year, in all my glory, is posted for Fun Monday....

::::witch's cackle::::

Sayre said...

I'll have to remember that Lego costume. My boy loves Legos!

Kids are why Halloween exists - they're SO cute when dressed up!

Thanks for playing!

Amy said...

I love the "debbel" and the "weetch." Very cute!;)

I laughed out loud about her whacking things with her plastic pitch fork. So funny!:)

Lala said...

What great pictures! Wasn't it fun digging out old pictures? I hope you find the lego, and when you do you should post it so we can see! I love your little debbel, I also recognized the floor in that photo - we had the same one!

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Those were very creative costumes!

{i}Post said...

Love the mummy. My daughter converted from sweet to evil costumes at about 7. Now I can't get her to go back!

Tiggerlane said...

Precious! Mine had a Disney phase one year, and went as Mulan. Too cute.

LOVE the Lego idea!! That is priceless!

Molly said...

That "debbel" is mighty cute. You have captured Halloween of the past with these thoughts, "I have vivid memories of racing through crunchy leaves in the cool night air trying to beat my brothers or my friends to the porch to ring the doorbell. Back then, you could roam all over neighborhoods, going to homes you weren't familiar with and never really worrying about someone trying to hurt you. "

I too have wonderful memories of safe Halloween nights out iwth my friends.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahhh she looks so cute, especially as a debbel, hee hee. And I think the chocolate definitely will make you feel better. :D