Friday, June 19, 2009

Pedaling as Fast as we Can

Some of you have asked about Papa T., and I appreciate your concern. He is doing much better. He had a terrible time Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. All of the stomach distress and the medical tests, some of which involved fasting, left him weak as a kitten. He didn't even feel strong enough to give the nurses and doctors any trouble. After scoping him from end to end, they finally determined that he has diverticulitis, which makes sense given that he had eaten lettuce, berries AND cashews right before this attack. (My, he's going to miss his cashews.) They've been pumping him full of fluids, but he's still kind of weak. This morning, the doctor suggested they keep him at the hospital for another week for some rehabilitation because of the weakness. An exhausted Mama J. thought that was a grand idea. Papa T. disagreed. As I am typing this they are battling that one out at the hospital, and Hubby is on the sidelines refereeing. I think Papa T. is going to win this one, and I suspect he will be home later today.

He tends to improve remarkably once he's on home territory, so I'm not sure it's a bad thing for him to skip the rehab. One thing's for sure, he's going to have to change his eating habits. The nuts and seeds and evening junk food snacks are going to have to go, and we're happy about that. We've been trying to get him to give up the nightly Cheetos and Pop-Tart binges for a while to no success. But when someone's pushing eighty and wants strawberry frosted Pop-Tarts, who are we to demand he can't have them. Just because someone grows older doesn't mean he automatically surrenders his free will. This way, he's willing to eat better to avoid the gastrointestinal nightmare that put him in the hospital, and it was his choice, so to speak.

It's been a looong week for the Hula-gen's. Hubby, Teen Angel and Mama J. have all spent most of their time at the hospital, helping with Papa T.. In between spurts of rain and Papa T.'s medical tests, Hubby has been running home to mow and do errands. I've raced from busy days at work to the hospital in the evenings and then errands and home. My work day yesterday put me in the sun for about twelve hours. Summer finally arrived here, so it's currently 612 degrees in the shade and humid. I was whipped last night, and so were the rest of my peeps. We slept like hibernating bears last. In fact, Teen Angel is still sleeping. I am off of work today, and I'm glad. It will give me a little time to slow down a teeny tiny bit and do some paperwork and phone calls regarding Sissy's finances and accounts. I'm starting to get responses from all of the letters and death certificates I had to send out to various banks, insurance companies and offices. Egad, that's a long, drawn out process. We are pedaling along, we seem to be over the hump on this latest medical issue with my in-laws and we have an invitation to a ParrotHead party tomorrow afternoon, so things are looking up. I hope to be back to reading your blogs and commenting more in a day or two, but for now, it's still one bump at a time, and I truly appreciate your concern.


Trailboss said...

So glad to hear he is doing better. My brother has the same illness. He has had many many bouts w/it before it was diagnosed. I wish I could sleep like a hibernating bear. I have had such trouble sleeping lately.

oreneta said...

Thank goodness for Parrotheads!!!


Glad he is doing better, hope Mama J gets some rest in there somewhere.

Janis said...

So glad to hear things are starting to look up. Its been a tough road for you guys. Drink a margarita or two at the parrothead party, you deserve it.

Jason, as himself said...

Wow. My MIL has had divuriticulitis as well, and it was a NIGHTMARE. After battling with it for a couple of years, it ended up with her having 18 inches of her large intenstine removed. Then after the surgery she was bleeding internally and nobody in the hospital was paying much attention. Giancarlo kept trying to get help but they weren't concerned. Then she crashed; some kind of code blue or something. That got their attention. She almost didn't make it.

And now? She still eats spicy food and nuts in spite of it all!

Good luck with the recovery!

Jason, as himself said...

And by the way, I just need to say: When it rains it pours!!!

Mia said...

hmmm, think I will have to side with Papa J on this one. Very glad he is doing better.

Belinda said...

Hope he's better soon! I have diverticulosis as well and pay not one bit of attention to what I should and shouldn't eat! Just think-poor Kev has about 50 more years of being frustrated by me!!!