Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We Paws for This Message

I’m not naming any names but SOMEBODY in this house would rather go for a truck ride than eat. In fact, that somebody will literally fling himself against the back door when he hears the old blue Ford fire up. He knows that a ride means the wind flying through your hair.
And the warm sun shining on your face.
That SOMEBODY likes to hog the middle seat when we’re going fast.
But would rather hang his head out the window when we’re going slow.
And that SOMEBODY quivers from head to stubby tail with excitement when cars go by, especially those big brown UPS trucks.
And I’m not naming any names, but SOMEBODY literally had to go pee after this excitement happened.
SOMEBODY is going to have to buy a car seat harness if this keeps up.


Rink's Ramblings said...

We know who's large and in charge at your house!

Mike Golch said...

My Long gone Cookie liked to go for rides as well.she would sit in the back seat of our car,upright and watch the world go by.

A New England Life said...

And SOMEBODY is darned good lookin' too! I'm referring to the hairy one with the collar ; )

Seat belts are always good. My dogs wear them.

J.G. said...

SOMEBODY looks like he's having a really good time! Better keep the cars keys in a safe place, or you never know what might happen.

Trailboss said...

If we say the word "bye-bye" in our house the 2 dogs go nutso. Especially Sophie. She gets the sweetest look on her face. Like a little kid!

Anonymous said...

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