Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Big Chill

After weeks of hot, un-Autumn like weather, we finally hit a wall Monday. Rain, rain, rain..all day long. And again on Tuesday. Downpour, mud slogging, wet shoe rain. As usual we didn’t get a gradual transition between seasons. We abruptly ended one and jumped right into another with both feet. It’s probably psychological, but my summer lovin’ body stayed chilled to the bone in yesterday’s 58 degree drizzle. Hubby has this wacky, “I’m not turning on the heat ‘til November 1st” rule that drives Teen Angel and me crazy. He’s the only man I know going through menopause. He stays in a perpetual hot flash and could go without heat until January if we let him. We won’t let him. We griped and whined last night until he finally gave in. The thing that finally put him over the edge and forced him to reach for the thermostat was the dog crawling up in the middle of the bed and huddling under the covers. I love that dog.

Early in the evening to make my point about needing some heart, I jumped into my winter pajamas, and it’s funny how time away from a clothing item gives you a little perspective about it. I realized last night that those worn flannel pj’s with the ripped sleeve aren’t nearly as attractive as I thought they were last winter. Hubby gave a big amen to that when I mentioned it. And to think I thought he thought they were um…cozy. I guess not. A quick assessment of my other winter pajamas led me to the conclusion that I have nothing in my nighttime wardrobe that keeps away the chill while looking like anything other than homeless attire. A few examples:
-1 purple robe-used to walk the dog in the morning and at bedtime. Food stains on the collar. Mud on the sleeves and bottom. Fortunately, it’s dark when I walk Jack, so the neighbors don’t see it.
-white house shoes-well, they’re really not house shoes. They are a faux leather slip on sneaker that I bought in the $5 bin at New York and Company two years ago. These too, are used to walk the dog. They are grass and mud stained to a lovely shade of gray. They also have a small patch of dog poop on the bottom that won’t come off.
-red flowered pajamas-Once upon a time in a land far, far away, these were in style when I found them on a rack at Target. That was about the same time leg warmers were in style. Nuf said.
-men’s flannel pajama bottoms-These are too big but they have a “Where The Wild Things Are” theme, and I love them. No matter how much they droop. As in plumber’s crack droop.

This is a small sample of my fashion prowess. Impressive, isn’t it? Keep in mind all of these are worn with thick, white socks. It screams sexy, but I think it’s time to quit wearing to bed whatever is on sale or looks warm and invest in at least one nice pair of winter pajamas. Hubby deserves it. I really do long for some of those cute pink Victoria’s Secret flannel ensembles. I just hate spending what amounts to a car payment on them. I will though, because I’m committed to doing something about this issue. And once I’m done with that one, I’m going to work on that summer purse I’m still carrying and those white shoes I keep dragging out. What can I say? I’m a style goddess.

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janjanmom said...

Remember my breakfast food yellow pajamas? Worn to all those pj parties and campouts? Wearing them right now-5 years(?) since I bought them. They have two of five buttons missing and have shrunk to being way too short now. Call me when you go shop!