Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back to NashVegas

By the time this is posted Hubby and I should be in Nashville, tapping our toes in some little downtown joint waiting for our show. We get to see Neil Young at the Ryman Auditorium tonight, and we couldn’t be more excited. For starters, the Ryman is a fabulous place to see show, with his stained glass windows and weathered woodwork. Secondly, it’s NEIL YOUNG! We have a bucket list of performers we’d like to see before we or they die. Some of our favorite acts are getting old or have lived a hard life and are looking a little rough for the wear, so we feel some urgency about seeing them. We saw BB King a couple of years ago on his 80th birthday, and we squeezed in Willie Nelson last year. Tonight it’s Neil.

We’ve been fans for a long time, Hubby even more so than me. He’s incredibly excited about tonight.

I like Neil for his uniqueness. I love a good songwriter and storyteller. Even more so, I love a performer who stays true to his passions and beliefs. Neil’s one of those folks who has been around for a long time and is probably appreciated more now than he was when he was popular for hits like Heart of Gold and his stint with Crosby, Still & Nash years ago. I didn’t fully appreciate his talents until I reached middle age. He’s developed a rich body of work during ever changing periods of popularity and obscurity. Forty years after he started recording he’s still anti-war. Still preaches about taking care of the environment and still speaks his mind regardless of who he ticks off. If you know nothing about Neil Young, you probably at least know the reference to him in Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama. You may not know he collaborated with Pearl Jam and is considered the father of the grunge movement.

He’s always been outspoken. He started Farm Aid with Willie Nelson many years ago, and he’s still fighting for the causes of the average Joe. Whether you agree with him or not, you have to appreciate his honesty. He performs because he loves music and he’s comfortable around the blue collar guy. That’s why it wouldn’t surprise me to catch him playing a tune or two with a bar band somewhere in downtown Nashville before or after his show tonight or hiding out in a corner taking in the nightly talent at one of the clubs. Hubby and I will probably slip into Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge or another club along Broadway before the show just in case. Besides, we like soaking up the local atmosphere. Even if we don’t catch an up close glimpse of him, we certainly expect to enjoy his concert. Mark one more off the bucket list, a big one.

I leave you with a link to one of my favorites of his: The Painter


The Church Lady said...

So, he is still alive. While I was never a huge Neil Young fan, I always appreciated his song writing. I always liked "Southern Man."

Hope you had a nice evening.

J.G. said...

Okay, you are SO LUCKY and I am SO JEALOUS I am probably glowing green right now. Please do give a full report when you get back!

I am hoping you will tell me he played Down By the River and After the Gold Rush.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

JG-rousing rendition of Down By The River. Awesome. More details soon.

oreneta said...

Hope you have a fabulous time! should be great.

oreneta said...

Take that back, hope you had a great time, imagine it was fabulous!

Trailboss said...

I have listened to Neal Young since I was a teenager. He is fab!!!