Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Miss My Grandma

Even though she's been gone for more than twenty years, every now and then I have a day when I really miss her. Today is one of those days.


Jan n Jer said...

I feel your pain...I was very close to my grandmother and still miss her n my Mom sooooo much!

Mia said...

oh wow..what you said! I miss my grandmother so much.Its only been a little over two years and I have such an empty space where she used to be.

TAC said...

Hula, I completely understand. My grandmother, who actually raised me, will be gone 37 years on June 24th. She spoke her last words to me (from that in-and-out coma phase) saying "you're going to be okay, honey?" I kissed her and said, "Yes, Mother, I am going to be fine." Brave words spoken by a kid who knew NOTHING about life. She calmly passed away the next day. My Mama and I both say it feels like yesterday. But she gave all she could and did a wonderfully loving job....and I have been just fine.