Monday, June 14, 2010

Word of the Day-"Glee"

Main Entry: glee

Pronunciation: \ˈglē\

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English glēo entertainment, music; akin to Old Norse glȳ joy, and perhaps to Greek chleuē joke

Date: before 12th century

Definition: 1 : exultant high-spirited joy : merriment
2 : a part-song for usually male voices

Used in a sentence: "Nothing brings Hula so much glee as when a bug lands on a blossom she is photographing."


Janis said...

Great shots...I have been trying to capture the bees flying around my flower beds.

The Church Lady said...

This wee little bug is probably barely visible with the naked eye. You can practically see what color his eyes are with that macro lens!

oreneta said...

Glee is a much better word of the day than gloom would be, what spectacular photos.

A treat.

kazia said...

beautiful :)