Thursday, June 17, 2010

Drip, Drip, Drip

Into each life a little rain must fall. What a crazy week! It’s been a zoo around here. We had practically no weekend as we were nonstop busy with commitments from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening. Actually, Hula had nonstop commitments because she can’t say no. The rest of the family was just plain busy. Monday brought the unexpected hospitalization of Mama J. Nothing too serious. Teen Angel took her to a doctor’s appointment with plans to go shoe shopping afterward, but the doctor found an irregular heartbeat and stuck her in the hospital in order to safely treat the problem that sent her to the doctor in the first place. I don’t know who was more unhappy, Mama J. or Teen Angel. They both love shoe shopping.

The hospitalization business sent us all into a tizzy as Hubby was a sweaty mess in the midst of must do chores when Teen Angel called with the news, and I was trying to cook for eight ladies expected at our house that evening for dinner and games. After much scrambling and ball juggling, which may or may not have included a few anxiety laced profanities, we got through the day without injury. In the days since then the three of us have been bouncing between work, the hospital and Papa T.. Now that we’ve settled into somewhat of a routine, Mama J. will likely get to come home tomorrow. Whoops, everybody shuffle!

Teen Angel’s friend and coworker was in a very serious car wreck Monday afternoon, too. Her pelvis was broken in five places and she had to be airlifted to an Evansville, Indiana hospital. She gave us quite a scare, but we got word that the nurses had her up on her feet today, and she will make a full recovery. She should get to come home in a few days. I’m sure she’ll have weeks of healing, and she likely won’t be helping Teen Angel run the hot dog cart downtown this summer, but at least she’s going to be okay. About the time I get relaxed about Teen Angel driving, a friend of hers has a wreck, and I get all antsy again. I’m finally catching on to the fact that you never stop worrying about your kids, no matter how old they get. Rats, mama was right about that one, too.

I have a day off tomorrow, so hopefully I can catch up on some things that have fallen by the wayside in the last few days. And somewhere in the next few days I hope to take a nap. A long glorious nap. Hahahahahah. The odds of that happening are slim, but a girl can dream. I also hope to stop by the opening of this town’s annual photo contest selections. I submitted some entries but didn’t get picked. I felt much better about it when I found out 1140 other people didn’t get chosen either. It should be a great show.

I finally remembered to buy some toilet paper. Yesterday. A full three days after we ran out. Let’s not discuss how many times I passed the grocery store or Walgreen’s before I remembered to stop and get some. Thank goodness for Mama J.’s stash of paper supplies. She buys large quantities of canned goods and paper products and always has a large supply of every household product imaginable. I think it’s a habit she developed years ago when Papa T. got paid once a month. There are many days in years past when we would have been cleaning our backsides with Brawny and Kleenex if not for Mama J.’s stash of toilet paper. Years from now when she’s gone to her great reward we’re going to laugh and say, “Remember when we used to steal your mama’s TP?”

A little rain fell on the Hula-gen’s this week, but we managed to keep from getting too wet. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel anyway. Hubby installed a new hammock in the backyard last Saturday, and I’ve been eyeballin’ it since then. I haven’t had a spare minute for hammock time, but I hope to change that by Saturday evening. I’m thinking a good book, a cold beverage and some tropical music would add to the experience. In the meantime, there are old folks to feed, groceries to buy and laundry to wash, but thankfully, the umbrella is working.


Trailboss said...

This feels like one of those weeks where an extra work day is inserted but noone knows it. It just feels like it. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!

Enjoy your day off....and about that cold beverage....make it a double!

oreneta said...

Tis indeed quite a week...I vote for the nap today as the top of the list, most everything can wait if it has to...not Mama J, but laundry? Yeah.

Janis said...

Thank goodness the week is now behind you. Better days are now ahead. I think you deserve a nap in that new hammock. Enjoy!

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

When I was a kid, my mom would "help herself" to my grandma's TP stash as well when we ran out! ha!