Thursday, April 10, 2008

At Last

About, oh, sixteen years ago, I won a contest over at Swampy’s place. The prize was a $50 gift certificate from Kemo Sabe, which is a really cool store in Aspen, Colorado. Now, I’m the worst at spending gift certificates. I love them; beg for them at Christmas and then hold on to them FOREVER. That’s because I want to save them for something special or make just the right selection. I love having choices. I hate having choices. If you give me one or two options, I can give you a decision in seconds. Well, maybe minutes. But if I have a whole store to choose from, you’ll have to buy me a cake because I’ll have a birthday before I make up my mind on a purchase. I mosied over to the Kemo Sabe website for some ideas…and got stuck…..time and time again.

I thought about applying them toward new boots for Hubby but finally decided the thirteen pair he already has would suffice. Chaps looked like a whole lot of fun, but since I don’t have anything to rope other than a squirrel or two, I decided to take a pass on those. I flirted with the idea of a Stetson hat for a few weeks, but finally realized it would be a waste of money because I really wouldn’t fit in wearing it to something like the Mayor’s prayer breakfast or a Chamber of Commerce board meeting. The days ticked by, and I couldn’t make up my mind. The choices were just too many.

First of all, I love a store that puts pictures of its customers on its website under a tab labeled “Kick Ass Customers”, and what’s not to like about a store where you can go to their website and reserve a beer for your next store visit. Helloooo Darlin’. Also, I love that they capitalize “Cowboy” because it deserves the same respect as “President” or “Senator”. Their goal is to bring out the cowboy in all of us, and I needed a little help in finding my inner cowgirl, so I called up the store and asked Adrianne for a little help. “Nana” as they call her took some pictures and sent them to me. I was tempted by the scarves. I could wear these with a suit…if it wasn’t 210 freakin’ degrees around here in the summer.

And the scarf with the brands was as cute as a speckled pup underneath a rose bush.

I got really excited about this picture frame, but it doesn’t go with the décor of my home or office.

They have some really funny signs. This one was in the running.

But it should say “her” instead of “him”. I’m the slow riser in our house. This one was pretty cute, too.

But as I was surveying the pictures, I came to this one, and something caught my eye.

In reading the front of the caps, I stumbled across the black one on the lower right and was smitten by the wording“No Sniveling”. Ha! I love it. It’s perfect to wear when I’m running and feel like quitting, when my daughter is whining or when I just want to make a statement. Yep, I had to have the hat. I liked it so much, I bought two and another one that just says “Kemo Sabe”. Leave it to me to have the whole store at my fingertips and end up buying ball caps. They arrived today.

I love them so thanks Swampy. The contest was fun, and the gift certificate was great, even if it did take me weeks to use it.

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Jason said...

Yea! You finally won. Way to persist. Love the hat, by the way.