Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Phins Up!

I fully recognize that the Parrothead thing is a little hard for non members of the phlock to understand. In fact, it’s downright puzzling to some folks and maybe even ridiculous. I’ll attempt to explain why thousands of people will don ridiculous outfits and dance and sing silly songs for three hours in hot summer weather and pay hundreds of dollars to do it, but I realize words may not be enough to help you understand.

I’m not extreme. I will attend one concert each summer, do some tailgating, meet new friends and have a large time. Some will travel to a half dozen concerts all over the country, set up an RV or tent complete with sand, beach toys, bars and generator driven blenders. For some, usually the really young fans, it’s all about the party and the alcohol. For most though, it’s an opportunity to play and to escape from life’s daily pressures for just a little while. It’s very liberating to sit among a sea of folks in grass skirts, coconut bras and pirate hats, batting beach balls around and singing about tropical islands and parties. Attendees will range in age from 5 to 65, although I won’t take Teen Angel because there is a little too much adult fun going on (ie flashing and drinking games). We’ve always gone to the concert in Cincinnati which is where the whole Parrothead thing started many years ago. The crowd there gathers in the night before, camping out along Kellogg Avenue and tailgating all day prior to the concert. Last year, the tailgating included bands, slip and slides, portable beaches and a wild assortment of games. We’ve never been to the St. Louis show before, so I’m interested to see what that tailgating crowd is like. One thing you can count on, the Parrotheads will be friendly. They always are. They’re always willing to share their cheeseburgers and their beverages. And they are always dressed to the hilt. If you’re going to go to Buffett, you gotta go in style. Here are a few of my accessories:

Beads are a must. Lots of beads. I bought these, by the way. I did not “earn” them. I’m not that kind of gal.

The kind of beads you have is important, too. I have parrot beads of course.

And flamingo beads.

You gotta have leis. I have them for my neck, my wrists and my head. This is one place where over accessorizing is okay.

I like to top of my leis with a set of pink flamingo deely-bobbers. Lovely, don’t cha’ think.

The grass skirt is a must. I’m letting the wrinkles fall out of mine. It’s been in storage all winter. Poor thing.
Now let’s discuss the coconut bra. I don’t do the coconut bra, for several reasons, even though a lot of people do. I have one. Super Cop bought it for me last year, but I don’t wear it. First of all, despite what Teen Angel thinks, I do have some self respect. A little. Second, I’m a little too old for the coconuts. The girls aren’t perky enough, so I leave those to younger folks. Besides, they’re scratchy and they itch. The coconuts, that is. HOWEVER, this could be the year for the coconut bra because it’s going to be cool, and I could wear it over my T-shirt. We’ll see.

Now the piece de resistance for my ensemble is the parrot flip-flops. Hubby bought me these last year on a trip to Cincinnati because he knows that nothing says love like parrot flip flops when you’re married to a Parrothead. They were a hit at last year’s show. Every time I turned around someone stopped me and asked me where I bought them. I was pretty pleased. Trust me, it’s hard to get noticed in that crowd.

There you go. Just a little taste of the stuff that it takes to phly with Jimmy’s phlock. If you want a look at what’s in store tomorrow night and during the upcoming summer months, drop in at the fan site or Jimmy’s site for some pictures and some comments. It should be a lively time, brothers and sisters, especially if it rains. And it may rain. Anyone every played in the sand during the rain?


Cruise Mom said...

Have fun, can hardly wait to hear all about it! I went to see Jimmy last September at Foxboro. I really was under-accessorized!

Mama Mia said...

are you gone yet? what are you waiting for?
Have a great time!!!!

Anonymous said...

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