Sunday, April 13, 2008

Like It's the Best Evah

Like Teen Angel got like this new cell phone yesterday. Oh my God! It's like the best evah. Like no one else has the same phone 'cause it's so new, and like it slides and everything. She had to call her BFF's Allison and Sarah right away to share the news 'cause it's just the best thing to happen to her during spring break and all. Oh, and because she's been like so responsible she now has unlimited texting, so like if she uses more than the 998 texts she like used last month she won't get in TRBL with her parents and have to pay extra on the phone bill. And like she Bluetoothed her old ring tones so Feels Like Teen Spirit plays when a certain someone calls and Back on Black plays when her mom calls and it's just too exciting for words. OH MY GOD!!!

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