Thursday, April 3, 2008

This Quacks Me Up

We live in a somewhat rural area, but we are in a subdivision on the edge of our community, so we’re not roughing it by any means. The Pioneer Woman would love to be as close to a Starbucks as we are. We’re five minutes from Wal-Mart, seventeen minutes from the local mall and a stone’s throw from the closest gas station/Subway. We have a variety of small wildlife that roams through our neighborhood regularly such as squirrels, rabbits and birds. Most of those come because Hubby sets out food for them daily. He creates such a great spread for them we’ve actually seen squirrels lay on their stomachs and shovel in corn with both paws. One squirrel got so hefty at the Hula buffet last year that his butt cheeks hung over both side of the feeder attached to the tree. He was fat, fat, fat. A family of rabbits sets up residence under our shed each spring. Any day now we should see baby bunnies frolicking in the back yard. They are cute, cute, cute. Sometimes a possum or a raccoon will wander through the neighborhood, and last year, a coyote ran through our backyard. There are deer in the nearby woods, but they keep their distance, so we haven’t seen anything really wild. Until yesterday.

Yesterday morning Hubby was surveying the homestead, trying to figure out how much work the flower beds need (waaay too much), when he stumbled on these guys.

Now, this picture was taken with his cell phone, so forgive the quality, but look closely and you’ll see two ducks nesting comfortably where my peonies are beginning to sprout. Please ignore the abundance of weeds. He was so surprised he called me at work to tell me. I held my breath when he called because he usually doesn’t bother me unless: A-an elderly parent has fallen and can’t get up, B-Teen Angel is being obnoxious and in danger of bodily harm or C-something has broken and he’s about to spend major bucks to fix it. I was pleased to hear that it was just two wayward ducks playing in the yard. Surprised, but pleased. After paying taxes last week, we are broke, broke, broke. These guys hung out in the flower bed for a while and then toddled into the backyard.

When Hubby had his back turned they disappeared. He thought they were gone for good, but last night as we wrapped up dinner and I looked out a kitchen window, I saw them waddling down the driveway, just like they owned the place. They were in no hurry and appeared to be having a pretty good time. The dog scared them off before I could snap another picture, but they were sweet, sweet, sweet.

We have no idea where they came from or where they were going. Perhaps they just heard about the buffet. We didn’t see any evidence of an entire flock, and these guys were both males. I didn’t ask Hubby how he knew that. Maybe they just needed a taste of the city life. I don’t mind if they stay a little while, but I really don’t want them hanging around all the time because they will end up in the swimming pool if the cover is off and poop, poop, poop all over everything. They really are cute, though.


Amy said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet, Hula Girl.;) I love when things like that happen in life. God made the world and everything in it so interesting! Always something to be amazed by.

swampy said...

I'll trade my skunks for your ducks. Deal?