Saturday, April 5, 2008

Girls, Girls, Girls

Sissy and I are going out tonight with a couple of mutual friends she hasn't seen in years. It will be a Girls Night Out. Holy cow! I haven't been on a Girls Night Out since...well, since the first Mr. Bush was in office. No kidding. I used to love GNO. When I was young and single it was GNO every night, but when you become a spouse and mother that kind of thing tends to trickle down. In my case, it completely disappeared. I never minded though. That's just how the world spins when you have bigger things to worry about than your shade of lip gloss or the latest dance move.

My family has always been a bigger priority than my gal peeps. My weekends are spent with Hubby and Teen Angel, and I'm fine with that. Hubby is my best friend. We like to do things together. I think it's important for couples to spend time together. Otherwise, it's easy to drift. Some couples take vacations without their children. Not us. We're a family of three, not two, so where the family goes, she goes. We even took her with us when we went to Las Vegas on a business trip. I just gave her the whole don't take any of the porn they hand you on the street and look at the Grand Canyon while we fly over it, so your teacher doesn't think you're missing school just to have fun speech. We had a blast and brought back rulers with a roulette wheel on them for her classmates. We're thoughtful that way.

But since Teen Angel is fifteen now and often has her own plans on the weekend and since Sissy needs social time other than meals with her parents at (say it on the count of three y'all) CRACKER BARREL!!, me and Hubby figured a little gal time wouldn't be a bad thing for me and Sissy. Problem is, it's been so long since I've done this I'm not sure what to expect. Could you help me please?

1. What should I wear?
a. Something tasteful and appropriate for a 43-year old woman
b. Something with an elastic waistband and the word Sass stamped on it
c. The latest trend from Hot Topic
d. My margarita print tropical shirt and matching margarita earrings

2. What should we discuss during dinner?
a. The Presidential race, the escalation of troops in Afghanistan and the price of gasoline
b. Various middle age ailments including unwanted hairs, swinging hormones & constipation
c. Hubby's colonoscopy
d. An old classmate's recent boob job AND tummy tuck

3. What should we do after dinner?
a. See a chick flick
b. Go straight home so we can get to bed at our usual time
c. Bar hop and dance 'til 2am
d. Check out that scrap booking workshop at "Cuttin' Up"

4. For the single dames in the gang, should we?
a. Refrain from discussing men unless they bring it up
b. Offer to hook them up with middle aged men we know
c. Stop for drinks at a local bar to let them check out the available merchandise
d. Order them that hot, hot, hot 2008 Houston fire department catalog (you know you're going to Google it, don't tell me you aren't)

Any feedback you can provide would be most appreciated. I'm really out of practice, and I don't want to embarrass myself. And at the rate I get out with the girls if I embarrass myself I won't get another chance to make up for it until...well....until another Republican lands in the White House.


swampy said...

1. Wear anything that would elicit, "Mom, you aren't going out in that, are you?"

2. D As long as she's not at the table with you...or maybe even if she is.

3. C keep your clothes on but dancing on the table is permitted

4. C that way EVERYONE can enjoy the scenery...single or not

5. Have a Blast !

janjanmom said...

2.D(just because those other topics are ugh!!)
4.C...then back to A (based on the fact the merchandise is probably the same as it was in 1982-they forget to rotate the inventory so the oldest stuff just stays around for years.)

Have fun, I predict(and hope) this will become at least a monthly (or weekly)tradition!!

oreneta said...

Having fun with this, because I cannot remember the last girls night out. Maybe I've not done it since I was in high school?

1 I'd go for a and would be so beeeuteeful

2 d

3 b or a the others sound horrid.

4 d.

Mama Mia said...

I am late but I vote for Hot Topic, the boob job discussion then going home and going to bed at a decent hour!!
Hope you had fun!