Sunday, May 25, 2008

Brush With Fame-Part 3 (No kidding)

Seriously, there must be some kind of alignment with the stars and moon because the Hula-gen's keep stumbling into famous folks. I told you about our recent brush with those American Idol losers, Michael Johns and Brook White. And there was the Bill Clinton incident a week or so ago. Not to mention the time Hubby saw Cameron Diaz at the airport. We've done it again, only this time it was Baby Ruth, Zeke, SuperCop and his wife (for whom I've yet to choose a witty blog name) who ran into someone famous. And guess what? It happened at our hangout, Cracker Barrel. Not a big city CB (as we like to call it), but our little local CB. Those of you who are regular visitors here are probably laughing at the irony. Go ahead. It's okay. I get it, I do.

Today they all went to CB after church and walked right in behind a couple who was trying hard not to be noticed. The woman smiled at mama, and mama thought she looked familiar. After studying on it a minute or two, it hit her. She realized it was this woman.

And this man.
She shared her Allison Kraus/John Waite suspicions with the rest of the family but apparently had to know if she was right because then she proceded to walk over to her and in a hushed tone asked, "Are you Allison Kraus?" "Yes," she replied, "but we're just trying to slip in unnoticed for some country fried steak. Don't give us away." At this point, SuperCop's wife (I HAVE to give her a name) nudged mama on, and they went to their seats where they proceeded to eat biscuits and stare at Allison Kraus and John Waite for the next hour.

And here's where I start to feel like TMZ because I must tell you that (and I'm not one to gossip, so you didn't hear this from me, HOWEVER) they are apparently a couple because SuperCop says they were all kissy face in the corner during the meal. Ha! I have not seen that little tidbit of news on the cover of the country music magazine that sits by the checkout counter of the Piggly Wiggly. So, a month from now when somebody says, "Hey, did you know Allison Kraus is dating that guy from The Baby's", you can say heh, that's old news. I heard that weeks ago over at Hula Girl's place. Also, mama says Allison is taller and skinnier in person than she looks on CMT. Not that it matters, I'm just tellin' you in case you were wondering. And I know some of you ladies were wondering.
What a banner day for mama. Besides having lunch next to the fetus that will be her next grandchild (has she shown you the ultrasound pictures yet? No? Don't worry, she will.), she got to see a famous bluegrass singer. Baby Ruth is really into bluegrass, so that was a big deal for her. And me? I'm sorry I missed seeing my 5 foot tall mother mosey up to Miss Kraus and ask her who she is.


Jason said...

You are on a roll! Now, since you're so lucky lately, who would you like to bump into if you could choose? Who is your favorite celebrity? (Jimmy Buffet does not count.)

hulagirlatheart said...

Hmmm. That's a tough one since you took out JB. I think it would be cool to meet the Pope, even though I'm not catholic. I'd give my big toe to meet Matthew McConoughay because he's so darn hot. Just to be close to those abs would be...well, you know. The celebrities I've always found most interesting are dead now. I would have loved to had dinner and conversation with Katherine Hepburn and the classiest sex symbol ever, Carey Grant. Audry Hepburn is another favorite. And the person I'd most like to interview with no topics off limits would have been Jackie Onassis. Fascinating woman.

Anonymous said...

Actually they have been a couple since at least October when they were "kissy faced" at the Dylan show here in Nashville.