Friday, May 16, 2008

Brush With Fame-Part Deaux

We're on a roll. We keep stumbling into famous folks. First there was the Cameron Diaz incident at the airport. And remember our run-in with the American Idol rejects a couple of weeks ago? We had another slight brush with fame today, and it was a complete surprise.
Teen Angel and I were trucking across town with her BFF in tow this afternoon when we stopped at a major intersection for a red light. Out of nowhere, police officers raced into the intersection with blazing blue lights and sirens, hopped out of their cars and stopped traffic. They cleared the intersection right in front of us, and we started looking for the source of their excitement. We figured it was an accident, but we didn't see carnage. The officers waited for a few minutes, and then poof! Here came the cavalry. Actually, it was a caravan of state troopers and Secret Service agents leading an SUV carrying this guy.

Which was highly unusual given the fact that our little rural city has a population of 30,000. Salute! A former leader of the free world doesn't roll through town every day. It was one of several stops he made today while campaigning for Hillary in Kentucky. Our primary is Tuesday, and Bill and Hillary are all over our fair state this weekend. I had forgotten he was in town today. It was kind of fun to see him fly by, and it reminded me of when Teen Angel and I were standing in front of the White House last year, and Dick Cheney drove by. I was well behaved that day and refrained from making any sort of rude, anti war gestures, thank you very much. (Hubby was very relieved to hear that when I called him that night.) I have seen Clinton before. In fact, I've seen all of the U.S. Presidents since Ronald Reagan up close. Regardless of my political leanings, I always get a kick out of it. It's just downright cool. It was a fun way to bring a stressful week to a close.

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Jason said...

I always feel so important when I see someone famous.