Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hair's Lookin' at You

Is there any woman who doesn’t have a love hate relationship with her hair? If there is one woman out there completely satisfied with her hair, please stand up, wave your hand and shout Hallelujah. Anyone? ANYONE? Bueller? Bueller? I didn’t think so. Besides having a lifelong battle with a mane that refuses to do anything but be stick straight and flat, I am struggling with GG2F or going gray too fast. What? I KNOW I am 43 years old, and it was bound to happen. I just hadn’t planned on it happening to ME. Call me vain, but I just can’t stand it. Used to I could hide the few stray grays with some occasional highlights. Then I had to resort to coloring all of my hair once ever so often. Now, I have to have a standing appointment with my stylist and getting off schedule by just a week or two is a DefCon Level 3 Emergency. It is startling how fast that mess grows in. And it always shows up in the front first. Even more troublesome, I’m rapidly approaching the age where long hair isn’t as flattering as it used to be. When I reach the point where I need to chop it off, I don’t know what I’ll do because I’ve had roughly the same hairdo all my life.

My hair has always had a mind of its own, even from the beginning.
See, no body, no control. It didn’t take long for me to gravitate toward the style that would stick with me for years; long and straight with bangs.
Oh, I tried other hairdos along the way. I tried bangs with curls.
Bangs with a shag.
Bangs with a longer shag.
No bangs and a grown out shag.
Around eighth grade I got wild and crazy and whacked off my hair. BIG mistake. Because then I had to enter high school with short hair and feathered bangs. Love the 70’s.
I wore so much hairspray back then I had to stay away from open flames. When it grew out, I tried the curls again, without bangs.
But in college it wasn’t cool to wear sponge rollers to frat parties, and it was either drop the frat parties or be home by 8pm so the rollers had time to dry before my 9am class…. so I dropped the curls (and never had an 8 o'clock class).
But then the bouncin’ 80’s came along and I wanted to Dance With Somebody so guess what….more bangs…big bangs…satellite dish bangs.
Then came along…cue ominous music…the dreaded perm years. Is there anyone out there who was an adult in the 80’s who didn’t have a perm? If so, stand up, wave your hand and shout “Amen”. Anyone? Anyone? I’ll wait. No? Ha! I didn’t think so. I’m just as guilty as the rest of you. Not only did I have curls, I had tight curls…with bangs.
For the last fifteen years I’ve been too busy raising a child and earning a living to worry much about a hairdo. I accepted that no real style was the best style for me, but I know that won’t work for very much longer. For now, I’m right back where I started. Long, straight and bangs.
Gray bangs…unless I keep them covered with San Tropez #2. Tell me, am I the only one out there who STILL can't figure out what to do with her hair?


Cruise Mom said...

Oh yeah. And don't you love the new texture that comes with the gray ones?

Anonymous said...

Yup I have tried many things too but my hair wants to be straight and flat, what can you do!

I just found my first grey hair, which has traumatised me as I still have spots - that really shouldn't be allowed should it!

janjanmom said...

Wow, isn't it funny how we all try to do vast and different things-but really, we all kind of stick to the same hairstyle our whole lives.

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. I love to hate it. Every once in a while someone will tell me they like my hair. HA! They can have it. When I see a woman who has shaved her head I just want to clap and salute her. I dream of doing that. I think it would be so liberating except for all the stares and gawking.

Jason said...

This is the most thorough chronicle of hair styles over the years that I've ever seen. And I'll just tell you (as if you didn't already know) that I am fascinated by each and every photo of you.