Monday, December 1, 2008

BFF's Forever

Have you met my new BFF? Her name is Netti. Not the Nettie from The Color Purple. Netti, as in Netti Pot. She's a pal, let me tell ya', and I plan to keep her around awhile. Let me introduce you.

She's essentially a teapot that you fill with salt water and use to irrigate your sinuses. She falls into that category of something old that's new again, mostly because Oprah said so. Actually, Dr. Oz said so on Oprah. I love Dr. Oz. He answers all those questions you want to ask the doctor but are embarrassed to. He talks about things like poop and gas and foot odor and makes it seem okay. Months ago, he demonstrated the Netti pot on her show, and millions of people like me who would like to yank out their sinuses and stomp on them at least once a week lined up to buy one. Except me. Because I was scared of the whole pouring salt water through my nose thing. I mean, isn't that how people drown? And then my fall sinus attack began. Facing months of the usual snotty, throat clogged, nauseating drainage, I got desperate, and rushing salt water through my sinuses didn't seem so bad. Figuring drowning would be a relief on a really snotty day, I marched into Walgreen's under a Benedryl high and bought Netti. And I haven't turned loose of her since. It's kind of difficult to pour water through your nose, breathe through your mouth AND take a picture of it at the same time, so a Google image will have to suffice as an illustration. I do want to shout "Ricola" whenever I look at this picture.Yeah, I know. It looks kind of weird, and the stuff that's left in the sink can be downright gross. HOWEVER, since I've been hanging around with Netti my sinuses have been very well behaved and have not launched their usual attack on my body, which always leads to an infection, bronchitis and if I'm really lucky, asthma by December 1st. I've used only half a box of tissues in the last month, and my upper lip has yet to chap. Sigh. That Netti sure is a swell gal. A word of warning, though. She can be a little "temper"mental. If you get the water too warm, it will knock your socks off when it hits that first nostril. Go easy with the microwave. Other than that, our friendship is tight. I love you Netti. Don't ever change. Always stay the way you are, and you'll go far. Love, your BFF Hula. PS: Don't you think that boy in study hall is cute?


Amy said...

LOL!:) I'm glad that your BFF has offered you much needed relief. I am afraid with my luck, I would be the ONE person that would cause new kinds of warnings to be put on the box. Just looking at it, I can think of several things that would go wrong with me trying to use it.


Happy Holidays, Hula!;)
God Bless,

Trailboss said...

OH, that was too funny! I'm glad it worked for you and I am equally glad that I don't suffer from sinus because the idea of that just seems really hard to do!

Trailboss said...

Oh, I meant to ask you why you didn't take a picture of the snot that came out. Just wonderin'

grace said...

I saw Dr Sears in the Doctor Show do that to clear his sinuses and he says it works

Janis said...

So happy you found Netti, she will take good care of you, I know because she takes good care of me also. It was weird the first time I used her, but you get used to it.Glad you found relief.

LuckyMe said...

I don't have nose issues but my boys do. Only one of them would try Netti, the rest of the family thought I had blown a fuse. It is bizarrre to watch and he was not very excited about it. Oh well.

We have the cheap blue plastic version. At least we won't get it mixed up with the teapots. Imagine my mom staying overnight with the kids and making her morning Chai with that!

Jason, as himself said...

Wow, I've never heard of Netti. That's pretty weird, and gross. But also amazing if it is making an marked difference in your nasal life!

I'm happy for you and your BFF.

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

OK, Hula. I have a confession. The Netti pot FREAKS ME OUT!!! I can't do it. I just can't...but I am glad that you can because I know that it does work.