Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Say A Prayer And Pass The Tylenol

Teen Angel turned sixteen yesterday. Boys and cars, oh my! Dating and driving, my, my, my! I'm not ready for this. For years, I've told her, "You can date when you're sixteen." And it seemed so far away. Like I had forever to prepare myself for this terrifying stage of her life. Terrifying for me. Thrilling for her. For weeks, she's been counting down the days until her birthday. And it finally happened. Against my desperate prayers for the good Lord to make her twelve again. Well, maybe not twelve. That was kind of a sucky age. Ten, perhaps. I am soooo not ready for this. It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating her first birthday, and she was flinging cake in the floor.
She was such a good baby. Except for that short phase of reflux when she had a habit of projectile vomiting on anyone within a five foot radius. She was so much fun. Always clowning around.For the longest time her favorite thing in the whole wide world was a "boon". For a dollar we could buy a balloon at the grocery store and keep her occupied for a week. She loved a good birthday cake. Still does.
And even though she's kind of a tomboy now, she had her princess stage.
And then it was back to the clowning around stage.
She has always loved to swim. For a long time she never swam without goggles of some kind.And she's always been adventurous. She'll ride any roller coaster you put in front of her. I was especially proud of the time we took her out of school for a trip to Las Vegas, and she wowed a room full of people by climbing a very tall rock wall.
She was pretty proud of herself, too.
There have been many other proud moments too, for academics and achievements, but most of all I'm proud of her compassion for her fellow man, her kindness to those in need and her love of laughter. She's a devoted friend and a very principled person. She's growing into a wonderful young woman. I just hope my heart can hold out during these next few years while she's finding her way and clipping the apron strings. She's ready for it. I don't think me and her dad are. Her first date is bound to show up on the door any day, now, and her driving permit test looms next week. Oy vey! Someone pass the Tylenol.


Janis said...

Oh boy! Sweet sixteen, a very exciting time for mother n daughter, more so for daughter! More gray hair for mother and father. Don't worry, you will get through it. You will need lots of prayer and faith, and yes even a strong pain killer sometimes. Good luck girl, been there done that, now I get to see our kids deal with teenagers. REVENGE-ha ha ha

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Oh wow! While I don't have kids, my youngest cousin just turned 16 in November. At Christmas she came up to me and said, "I DROVE HERE!!"

I about fainted.

Have a great New Year!! : )

Mike Golch said...

Happy Birthday. I think you will get through it.Your Mom went throught the same thing with you.It's your turn now.and jut think you will get to watch it happen to you grandaughter as well.

The Girl Next Door said...

Ah yes, 1/4 the way through the twins' "sweet" 16 and I'll tell you...I'm passing you some tequila to go with that tylenol. Sweet photos of a sweet girl, I am sure. Enjoy the year. As we know, it will be gone all too soon!

Amy said...


I'm praying and taking Tylenol with you. It's an exciting, yet scary time.

And anything is better than them being 12 again. (shiver)

Happy New Year!
God Bless,

Mia said...

You will survive it : ) and on the other side of all this growing up will be a very special grown up Mom and daughter relationship. Enjoy the here and now and wait for that awesome time to kick in!! Its worth the wait....
God Bless your family in 2009!
Mia (who is willing to let hula borrow some of her Extra-Strength Tyleno)

Jason, as himself said...

She and my daughter are just a few weeks apart in age. So I know what you're feeling!

Teen Angel seems like a great girl.

janjanmom said...

I ran into teen angel and teen angel's friend-on her birthday-at the local Walmarts. No Hula though. ) : They were so cute spraying glade and giggling.

I am a little sad to see them growing up so quickly and yet I am very proud of the potential I see them both living up to.

Perhaps we should celebrate them with a frozen beverage from your frozen beverage machine??

The Church Lady said...

Oh wow! I have two girls - one is 10 and the other 12. I know what you mean about 12 being a sucky age. Her dad and I keep telling her to slow down and that she is not allowed to grow up anymore. Good luck to you.

dkuroiwa said...

My oldest nephews just turned 16 and 15 and there is a lot of that apprehension about driving, dating and what-not going on! Don't both will survive...our mothers did and we turned out great!! :-D
Happy Birthday to Teen Angel...and to her Hula-Mom and Dad!!!

karisma said...

Yep! She's pretty damn sweet! Thats for sure! Happy Birthday Gorgeous Girl! YOU ROCK! BIG TIME!

Psst Hula....What was that you said about dating? No No No.....TC is 16 too....poor girl she is the baby of the 3 girls, she has to stay that way! (Mind you one would think she is the mama over here! "MUM brush your hair, get dressed"! (Geez she does not want much does she? I mean really do I look that bad, that she can't go out with me in public?)

Teen are also the BABY...You stop that growing up and stay a baby for a while! You hear me???? Big hugs and smoochies to you, look after your mama! xxxxx

Trailboss said...

I was dreading when my daughter turned 16 also but to my huge surprise she had and still has NO interest in driving. We had to pratically force her to go 2 weeks ago for her first lesson with Joe. She did well but has not mentioned wanting to do it again. Weird huh?

Trailboss said...

Oh yes, here ya go.....I'm passing you a bottle of valium. Take when needed along w/the tylenol!