Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Um, I should be wrapping presents and such however.....

What do you do when you still have way to much Christmas stuff to pull together but you're hours away from a week and a half of vacation and hopped up on appetizers? Why, you piddle on the internet of course. Is it narcissistic to do this?
Or this?
And can I tell you how cool I think it is to be on some hot guy's abs AND his cell phone.
Burp. Somebody pass me some more queso dip.
*photos from photofunia.com


Janis said...

A girl's gotta have fun now doesn't she? Christmas will get here wether your ready or not. Have a marvelous Christmas!

swamp~elf said...

I am lying in bed with my laptop warming my upper thighs, or maybe that's my 22nd hot flash of the day, looking at 6 gifts that have yet to wrap themselves. Hopefully, they'll end up under the tree sometime between now and Christmas Day because this narcissistic neurotic blogger is not getting up until the coffee perks in the morning.

May you and yours have a healthy, happy, and safe hollyday.

Scott W said...

I was chatting with TrailBoss tonight and said I wanted some queso and she sent me over. And David Beckham...'nuff said.

karisma said...

Oh Hula, you crack me up! And here I was feeling guilty as the house is a mess. Its xmas eve already, Dinoboy has been asleep for the last hour, god knows how I will get him back to bed tonight so Santa can sneak in. He had a noisy friend stay over last night and the child does not believe in sleep. My poor babies are in bed at 8.30 every night so it always puts them out of whack when they have kids over who dont sleep. Half the xmas stockings are still missing in action, but the shopping just got finished so Im happy! LOL! Oh and yes xmas is at our house this year so I will have to clean up tonight and we are going away at 4am the next morning! But the blogworld is calling what can I do? I know, more wine and stuff the rest!

Have a happy and safe xmas. Take care! See you in a week or so! xxx

Lew Jetton said...

Awww......tell the truth, you just love tha tats! I always eased into my Christmas preps by putting some Gatemouth Brown on and then 2-stepping through the preps. No sweat, and lot's of swing!

Jan said...

Wow. I like the Beckham one, a lot! Merry Christmas from California.

J.G. said...

Best diversion I had all day . . . BTW, did you know this confirms you're a Structured Procrastinator? (www.structuredprocrastination.com)

Have a fabulous Christmas!

dkuroiwa said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that website!! Oh the hours that can be spent messing with those pictures!!! :-D

oh, great....now I've got a hankering for some queso. thanks for that. and me without any cheddar. ~~sigh~~
plain ole' doritos just won't work, me thinks.
to the store!!!