Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Photo #2

Or as I like to call it: Christmas Wrapping.
My great Aunt June was a knitting fool. She made enough afghans to blanket the entire population of Yugoslavia, but she specialized in scarves and hats. Me and my cousins were the recipients of many such gifts throughout our growing up years. My brother has an absolutely hilarious picture of the Christmas when Aunt June knitted everyone gold sock caps, and we're all wearing them. This red and white scarf is one of Aunt June's gifts. It was warm, colorful..and itchy. I appreciated it though, and threw it on with as much debonair as an eight year old in backwoods rural America could muster. I believe this was during my Grace Kelly period when I liked to emulate her style in To Catch A Thief. I was probably disappointed I didn't have any sunglasses or a convertible to go with it. As I recall I loved these black patent leather shoes because I thought they were quite uptown.

So to keep the holiday spirits flowing boys and girls, answer this question: What Christmas gift did you receive as a kid that made you feel uptown..or grown up...or stylish?


Hula Hank said...

My parents could never match my ideals of fabulousness.

One year I got a bright orange Dukes of Hazzard tri-cycle, complete with confederate flag emblem.

Is that something that screams "UPTOWN" to you, especially when you live in a major city in the North?

MommyWizdom said...

Tee-heee, that was a great post! My mom was a crocheting-fool. I have a gorgeous Red Riding Hood sweater she made for me when I was four, with hood and all. I refuse to hand it down to my 4 YO though. Lol.

I want to invite you to join the RAK movement for Fun Monday this week! It's not too late.



Jason, as himself said...

The year that my mom bought me underwear from the store instead of giving me homemade underwear made me feel like I really was as cool as all the other kids.

oreneta said...



Janis said...

Since I am a little older, you may not remember these things. first in1959 a gift was a square pocket book that had my initials on it. Next in the early 1960's was a "Drag" sweater, it was just a big cardigan with pockets and three big gold buttons down the front,they were unisex and sometimes the girls wore their boyfriends, that was soooo cool!It was a "Baltimore Md. thing"

karisma said...

Cute! When I was around 9 I recieved a pair of rollerskates (white boots with red stoppers). I also recieved a white t-shirt and some shiny red short -shorts and ribbons for my hair. I thought it was so cool. I was a bit spoiled as a kid at xmas as I was an only child for 12 years. I think that was my favourite present every though.