Thursday, March 20, 2008

20 Reasons Why I Wish I Was Still 10 Years Old

1. I wouldn’t have to wear these dad gum pantyhose all day.
2. I could sleep in Saturday morning and then watch cartoons without any guilt.
3. I could eat all of the Girl Scout cookies I wanted without them going straight to my hips.
4. I wouldn’t have to wear underwear with under wires.
5. I could run through the grass hunting Easter eggs Sunday afternoon and maybe get a big white chocolate bunny.
6. I could eat the tail off the bunny first and giggle about it.
7. I would have only ten more school days until Spring Break.
8. I would have only 45 more school days until summer vacation.
9. I would get two and a half months of summer vacation.
10. I wouldn’t have to pay $4000 in federal taxes by April 15th.
11. My clothes could all be worn with tennis shoes and flip flops.
12. My skin would still be soft.
13. Makeup wouldn’t matter.
14. Nothing would sag.
15. Old folks would give me quarters just for being cute.
16. I would be allowed to take a nap every day if I wanted.
17. Someone would drive me everywhere I go.
18. I wouldn't have bags under my eyes.
19. I could play outside until dark.
20. Just about everything would still be exciting…even the small stuff.


Kelly @ Love Well said...

If you lived in San Diego, you could easily do 1, 4, 11, 13 everyday. It's the norm there.

Maybe that should be the new motto for the San Diego tourist board: Come to San Diego and be 10 again!

Mama Mia said...

Sign me up!

Amy said...

Me first, Mia! Me first!:)

Jason said...

Do you really wear pantyhose every day? I don't know anyone that wears pantyhose around here! By the way....pantyhose is one of the funniest words in the English language. Just say it a few times over and over again and you'll see what I mean!

oreneta said...

Can you not work around pantyhose (it is a funny word)at least some of the time...and the sleep in and cartoons, you've got to be able to pull that off now and then...maybe teen angel will do the easterhut for you this year, and you do one for her...then you could go for that one....sagging...I haven't found the cure for that one yet, but chocolate easter bunny tales would sure help!