Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Curiosity Factor

I once supervised a young reporter who was well known for asking Bill Clinton a most unusual question. A few years before she came to work for me, she stood up at a campaign forum and asked the then presidential candidate, “Boxers or briefs, sir?” It was the question heard round the world at the time, and she always seemed rather proud of it. I didn’t understand why since it struck me as ridiculous. You get the attention of the future president of the United States and the only thing you can think to ask him is what kind of underwear he wears? What a missed opportunity. However, I do understand the curiosity factor. I’d be less than honest if I didn’t admit that I have all kinds of trivial questions for well known people, stuff that doesn’t matter but I’d really like to know, mostly because I’m nosey. For instance:

1. Does the Pope ever get to wear pants?
2. What did Paris Hilton score on her ACT test?
3. Does Amy Winehouse’s head itch from all the drugs and hairspray?
4. Does Richard Simmons ever eat donuts?
5. Has Oprah ever been overdrawn on one of her checking accounts?
6. Did Mr. Rogers ever swear?
7. How much plastic surgery has Wayne Newton had?
8. How did John McCain hook up with such a hot looking wife?
9. How much does Donald Trump pay for that bad haircut?
10. Is Barrack Obama tired of smiling yet?
11. Is Al Gore secretly glad now that he didn’t get elected then?
12. Does President Bush ever want to just sit down and cry when he’s having a bad day, or week or month?
13. How much ice cream do Ben & Jerry eat?
14. Does Nicole Ritchie have stretch marks now?
15. Does JLo have stretch marks now?
16. Does Matthew McConaughey wear boxers or briefs?

Okay, your turn now. What useless, nosey information do you want to know?


Mama Mia said...
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Mama Mia said...

That deletion was me!! I was going to be funny and put that Mr. Rogers had tattoos but a little trip over to told me this was an urban myth. So my balloon has bust.....

Amy said...

Will Jennifer Lopez need to wear a Spanx (girdle) to fit in her clothes after having twins?

oreneta said...

Whats an ACT test, and who is Mathew someone who might wear briefs or boxers?

Jason said...

Hula, at first glance John McCain's wife is very pretty, yes, even hot. But when you look again...not so much.

I'm so glad I'm not in the public eye. Then people would be saying mean things about me that I just said about Mrs. McCain. Sorry, Mrs. McCain.

Jason said...

And WHY does Donald Trump insist oh having SUCH a horrific haircut? Surely he knows it's bad? Or does nobody dare tell him?