Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun Monday

This one was tougher than I thought, simply because I couldn't make up my mind what topic to choose. This is a chronic problem for me. Too many choices makes me indecisive. It's why it takes me months to use gift certificates or weeks to pick tile for my bathroom floor. I want things to be "just right". Swampy's instructions were to pick a topic, any topic and use each letter of the alphabet to list items related to that topic. It's a method she used as a teacher, and a pretty good one, I think. Only problem is I couldn't pick a topic. I thought about favorite books, but that seemed routine. I considered entertainers I've seen live and actually could list something for all but eleven letters (I never caught Frank Zappa before he died or Van Halen before they fell apart.) I thought about famous quotes that appeal to me or a day in the life of a redneck, but frankly, those seemed unoriginal. I finally settled on "Moments in my Life". It's what I know best. Some are small. Some are big, but all of them happened and helped to shape me into the mixed up, wacky gal I am, so here we go....

A-Asked Hubby out for our first date. Yup, I did.

B-Birth of my daughter. One of the best days of my life, even though now that she's a teenager I'd like to put her back every now and then.

C-Childbirth without pain medication. Yes, really. College graduation in 1986. Cyst removed from my wrist. It was HUGE...the cyst not the baby.

D-Death of my 13 year old nephew. The point at which I really started to live.

E-Ears pierced for my 12th birthday. Back then they still used a needle.

F-Flipped over a three wheeler on a cinder road at age 14. I still have cinders in my elbow.

G-Graduation party busted.

H-Hoop skirt for senior prom. Honeymoon in Cancun.

I-Itchy allergies and sinuses eights months of the year.

J-Jimmy Buffett concerts X 3.

K-Kissed behind the library cart in grade school. I'm not naming names.

L-Lasik on my eyes. Best gift I've every given myself.

M-Most Humorous my senior year of high school. Married Hubby in 1990.

N-Never had the chicken pox. Although both of my brothers had them right before my senior prom, and I thought I would catch the pox and miss prom.

O-Organized TV coverage for three Presidential visits. It used to be part of my job. I've seen Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush and Vice President Quayle up close. Interviewed Quayle and Clinton. Very cool.

P-Pom Pon squad in college. Yes, really. I still have the tights. Somewhere out there is a calendar photo of me and the squad with big hair and cheesy smiles.

Q-Quit television to regain my sanity.

R-Radio DJ. My first two jobs were in radio, and I loved it. Rocky Horror Picture Show rumble. One day I'll explain. Let's just say it was part of my oat sowing days.

S-Spring break in Fort Lauderdale during college. Swam in St. Thomas. Siegfried and Roy show in Las Vegas a few months before the big tiger incident. Snow skiing failure.

T-Ticklish all over. Very, especially on the neck.

U-Ugly fingernails. So ugly I have to cover them with acrylic. Comes from years of gnawing them to nubs.

V-Vices include cake.

W-Water skiing failure.

X-Xtra small hands. My ring size is about a four and a half. Can you say spindly?

Y-Youth group trips to amusement parks. Every summer those kids make me puke, but it's fun.

Z-Zelda Fitzgerald fascinates me. I know she was a crazy drunk, but I can't help it. It think it's her spirit and love affair with F. Scott that I love.


kitten said...

Wow! Just loved how did your list! Alot of good info!

swampy said...

This is AWESOME! I hope you print and save it for future reference...when we are old with Alhezimer's (sp?) and can't remember "nuthin'." I had my ears pierced with a needle and a sliced potato. They are both crooked. No pox for the prom? Does that say something for your personality, or what?
Thanks for spending SO MUCH time concocting this list. Didn't you have fun reminiscing? I certainly had fun learning more about you.

Pamela said...

cake is not a vice. (:
the rocky mountain horror rumble calls for a post of its own!

simply jenn said...

I love your list, I would never have thought to do memories. Smart!

Amy said...

C-Childbirth without pain medication.

You're officially my hero.
I take Midol for cramps.:)

Mama Mia said...

much fun hula! I wanna play too...

Jason said...

You have lived, and are still living, a very fascinating, well-lived life. I would sure like to meet you in person some day. I think we could be great pals.

Robin (the PENSIEVE one) said...

Fantastic list! Glad you settled on "this" version :).

--my ears were pierced by needle, too
--Lasik IS a fabulous dad made mine possible, but had I know how wonderful it was, I would've scrimped and saved and had it done much sooner!
--COOL "O"...I had a picture taken with George W. when he was campaigning the first time around and I cannot find it ANYWHERE! What's up with that???
--I concur with all your "S"es. Except I saw S&R when I was in college (in the 80s). Ah...nice memories of Spring Break ;).


oreneta said...

After today, I have to thank you for 'B', I'm not alone in all this.

I may lift this idea one day soon....I liked that a lot.

Lil Mouse said...

every time i hear a mention of lasik i want to know. how long ago was it and how do you fare now?

Faye said...

What a fascinating idea--especially for anyone interested in memoir. I'm definitely buying several of Swampy's ABC books from Barnes and Noble. Thanks for this excellent journaling idea.

ChrisB said...

Wow your TV jobs sound interesting
~what was it like interviewing Clinton? and where is the calendar photo sounds like one you need to share! Great list thank you for sharing your ABC.

Karina said...

Very cool list! I'm learning so much about everyone on this Fun Monday!!!

jientje said...

So, you kissed behind the library cart now did you?

Jan said...

Cool list. Way different than mine would be, and that's good. You wouldn't want to be living some one else's life.

mjd said...

You made the perfect choice for your list highlighting moments in your life, and you have an interesting life and tiny hands.

janjanmom said...

Kissing in the library. Sounds wonderful. I'm gonna see if I can talk hubby into that. ( ;


Alison said...

great list!!! I love it!

hulagirlatheart said...

Swampy-thanks for the challenge. this was a good one.

Pamela-"cake is not a vice". I like the way you think.

Amy-It hurt, but it really wasn't that bad. It all happened so fast.

Mama Mia-Hop on board girl. What are you waiting for?

Jason-I totally agree. I think we would be best buds if I lived in your town.

Oreneta-Some days it just stinks raising a teenager, doesn't it?

lil mouse-The lasik was five years ago. I still have 20/20 vision in one eye and 20/21 in the other. I would do it again in a heartbeat. It's wonderful!

chrisb-I interviewed Clinton when he was running for President. He was incredibly charasmatic and engaging. Looked me in the eye the entire time. I understand how he got elected and how he managed to get away with so many flawed behaviors over the years.

Janjanmom-It was SWEET! You should try it since you're in the library so much. Maybe in the middle of his postal route..which is near the library. Hmm?

Everyone else-THANKS for stopping by today!! It was great having so many new visitors and oh so much fun. Drop in any time, yall.

Karmyn R said...

Rocky Horror Picture show rumble sounds VERY interesting!!! And cinders still in your elbows? ouch

Sandy said...

Sorry it took me so long to get here! Great post and what a lot of interesting things. The ear piercing? I was 14 and my mom made me get it done at the Dr.'