Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wedded Bliss

Whew! We are all wedding-ed out. Super Cop got married, a good time was had by all and the closest thing we had to a disaster was the temporary loss of a little heirloom item that turned up today. But let's not tell Baby Ruth about that, okay? What she doesn't know won't hurt us.

Super Cop got married in the same chapel my parents were married in 45 years ago. Hubby and I said our vows in the sanctuary of that church eighteen years ago, and two generations of our family have attended that church for decades, so it was kind of cool to have yet another wedding there. The fun thing about second weddings is that the event is not about "the wedding". It's about the marriage. No one's sweating bullets over bridesmaid shoes or bouquets. Everyone is pretty relaxed and ready to have a good time. We had great food, two kinds of cake and a lot of time with relatives I haven't seen in a while.

I have more relatives than you can shake a stick at. Daddy had eight brothers and sisters so his side of the family alone would fill up Yankee stadium. I can't even name all of my cousins. Several of Daddy's brothers and sisters were there yesterday, and as I spent time with them I realized there are a lot of years of marriage between them. Daddy and Mama have 45 years together. There's Uncle Paul and Aunt Betty who have been married for about 55 years, I think. Aunt Katherine and my late Uncle Bill had about fifty years together. Aunt Betty and Uncle Louis have been married for more than thirty years. The other siblings have racked up multiple decades of marriage, too. It's quite remarkable, especially given the tough times some of them have had over the years. As I listened to them talk and joke I realized that a sense of humor has been a big part of their partnerships, especially Aunt Betty's and Uncle Paul's. They crack me up. Well in their 70's, they are always sparring and teasing and provided me with the best laugh I had yesterday. Their conversation went like this:

Aunt Betty: He's getting so forgetful. One of these days he's going to leave the house, forget where home is and end up at someone else's house.

Uncle Paul: I hope she's good lookin'.

Aunt Betty: Ha. I doubt it. Just wait. He'll get lost. That's why I put his name in all of his underwear.

Uncle Paul: Like anyone would look.

Aunt Betty: Certainly not me.

Uncle Paul: You're naughty.

Aunt Betty: I know. Get your coat. Everybody's leaving and we want to get out of here before we have to help clean up.

Uncle Paul: Where did I leave my coat?

I hope Hubby and I are that funny when we're old. I know he'll be that forgetful. He already is. Hmm. Come to think of it, maybe I need to put his name in his underwear.


Amy said...

What a testimony of marriages!
Such a blessing to hear about,and
I love the underwear story! So funny!:)

Jason said...

I love listening to old couples banter back and forth, whether it be happily or crankily.

Swampy said...

That conversation is a classic.
Where did the phrase, "more ________than you can shake a stick at" come from?
Gotta go. Now, where did I leave my coat?
Did you ever spend your $50 at Kemo Sabe's?

oreneta said...

In his UNDERWEAR??? Why not on the inside of his jacket? hee hee hee hee

hulagirlatheart said...

Swampy, my next post will discuss this phrase. Also, I am in phone and email contact with one of the lovely ladies at Kemo Sabe, trying to make a decision. There are too many choices! What's a girl to do with that kind of selection?