Saturday, March 1, 2008

Oh, What a Wonderful Day

What a difference a couple of days makes when it comes to weather in Kentucky. Earlier this week it was windy and cold. Today it was unseasonably warm, sunny and beautiful. I went from being a cranky old whiner to a bubbly energetic fool. A taste of spring does my soul wonders.

I've had a great day. I ran a large stretch of the Trail run course today. Let's just say I'll probably do a lot of praying during the race. I managed okay today, but the full course will obviously kick my butt plenty. These were some of the hardest miles I've ever run. It didn't help that I had to pee most of the time. I was afraid to slip behind a tree because every time I thought the coast was clear, up popped a runner or biker. Thank goodness for that concrete retaining wall sitting just off the trail. I left feeling pretty good because today's run made me familiar with the course and helped me get my mind right about the race.
I drove my little red coupe. That made me feel good, especially since I got to open the sun roof. Then I came home to find a wonderful surprise. Janjanmom had returned the dishes I used to fix her dinner this week and tucked inside was a daffodil covered thank you note AND a bag of Circus Peanuts AND SweeTarts. You know how I love a good fresh Circus Peanut or a SweeTart. Yippy Skippy! How lucky can a girl get? Thanks Janjanmom. You know me well.
To top off the day I was doodling around at looking for tour dates for Jimmy Buffett when I found the most fabulous, magnificent, stupendous things. How perfect are these?

Flip flops with Hula Girls! Pinch me, 'cause I think I'm dreaming. Two of my favorite things rolled into one delicious shoe. The only problem is deciding between the white and the pink.

Or the ones with margaritas.

Or palm trees.

What do you think? I think I like the hula girls best. Come on Spring! Mama needs new shoes. Ah, I love a perfect day.


oreneta said...

Pink hula girls for's just got to be pink if its a hula girl...

Cruise Mom said...

For you - pink hula girls.
For me - the margarita ones.

And send that sunny weather up this way, please....