Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Face of Disaster

For the last week on this blog, I’ve carried on with my usual nonsense, while half a world away people are dying in the streets of Haiti. I have meant no disrespect. It’s just that I think there are numerous websites telling that story far better than I can, and I believe people need to continue laughing when there is despair in the world. It’s what keeps us moving and gives us hope when things go wrong. It gives us the joy that it takes to reach out to those in need and to pick them up. While I’m carrying on as usual, my heart is breaking for the beautiful people of Haiti whose lives have been changed forever by the rocking of the earth. Photo by: Ricardo Arduengo/AP

Daily, I read about the destruction and the rescue efforts; the joy of a man who found his wife alive in the rubble six days after the quake and the heartbreak of others who have neither the chance to mourn nor bury their dead. But it’s the images I’m most drawn to. The pictures of people whose lives are in chaos right now. Newspapers around the world are carrying some incredible images. There are shocking pictures of bodies stacked in the streets and burning in crowds, but the pictures that speak to me most are those of the faces of the people who are in the fight of their lives.

The tired. Photo by: Jorge Cruz
Photo by: Logan Abassi/AFP/Getty Images

The weak.

Photo By: Lisandro Suero/ AFP/Getty Images

The heartbroken.

Photo by: Eduardo Munoz/Reuters

Photo from: EPA/

And the scared.

Photo by: Francois Mori/AP

Photo by: Ivanoh Demers/AP

I am sad for the people of Haiti, but I am hopeful for them, hopeful that eventually life will become somewhat normal again. Why? Because for centuries the people of this world have endured wars, famines and disasters by reaching out to each other and giving each other the resources and strength to move forward and rebuild. It will take a long time for Haiti to get back on its feet, but there are already small signs that, in the smallest of ways, that unity has begun to take root.

Photo from:

And that makes me smile.


Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I so badly want to just scoop up all of those that are hurting, put them on a plane and have them come live with us.

However, I don't have a plane, nor a home big enough. But I can continue to pray. : )

Mike Golch said...

Prayers are all that I can offer.I wish there were more that I con do.

Trailboss said...

The world is grieving for these beautiful people. I can't begin to imagine what they are going through. I had a thought the other day about how frightening it was at first when our ice storm hit, but nothing can compare to this tragedy. Pray pray pray. After all, He is in charge and knows what is best. God will take them in his hands and comfort them.

The Church Lady said...

I can't help but feel somewhat guilty about going on with my privledged life, knowing that the people of Haiti are suffering. I am thinking of taking a mission trip there sometime in the future.

Janis said...

I cry everyday watching the news coverage of this heart wrenching event. Prayers, Faith, Hope and courage for all the victims. As America steps up to the plate to help...all we can do is donate money and send our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

My heart aches for Haiti...aches. Prayers and a donation or two is what we've offered ..with an ache in my heart of hearts.