Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tidbits From the Island of Hula

-It has finally warmed up here to the forties. Thank heavens. I was getting tired of chipping the frozen snot off my face after my midday runs.
-Speaking of running, I spit on myself Tuesday while running. There's a trick to getting rid of the excess saliva while on the run., and I screwed it up big time. Jim Croce was right when he said you don't spit into the wind.
-Every month I get together with girlfriends and play Bunco. Which means we roll dice for three hours as an excuse to eat decadent desserts and dish about hormones, husbands and mothers-in-law. Sunday night is our annual Bunco slumber party. It may or may not include adult beverages and karaoke. If you hear dogs howling in the middle of the night, don't worry. They're just hearing me sing.
-Did you hear that Teddy Pendergrass died? Oh, the memories of the 80's his music brings back.
-We cook for Mama J. and Papa T. each night, and Papa T. likes simple food. We found out this week he does NOT like pasta with clam sauce or vegetarian patties made from black eyed peas. We also found out that clams stink up the house.
-We are apparently out of air freshener.
-The good news is I have cobbled together enough Christmas money and leftover lunch money to buy that camera lens I want. The bad news is you will be subjected to my learning curve with the new lens.
-We have to take Papa T. to the doctor's office tomorrow for lab work. Pray for us brothers and sisters. It could be a long afternoon.
-And mama called me today on my cell phone to ask me if I had bought that new cell phone yet. She said she wanted to find out if my cell number had changed. Doy.


The Girl Next Door said...

Can I come to your sleepover? and lots of prayers for all of you...

Mike Golch said...

Prayers are bing offered.

karisma said...

Errrr....why pray tell, do you need to spit while you are running? Just asking! I have an aversion to people spitting in public GROSS! I cannot imagine sweet little you doing that!!!! (sorry, pregnancy horror story, someone made me ill once) Oh well, hugs and smoochies (yes prayers too!) Oh and pack a tissue next time you run! Humour me! please!

The Church Lady said...

Sounds like alot of fun with your galfriends! I am planning a "Snuggie party" with mine! I hope you will share pics!

Refresh my memory - - who is Teddy Pendergrass?

Trailboss said...

That's why I don't run, I would spit (or worse) all over myself.

I hope the dr visit goes well. When you said that about your mom it reminded me of when my mom picked up a hand calculater off of my coffee table years ago (she has been gone 10 yrs now). She asked me if the calculater was the remote control for the tv.


Gerald said...
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