Monday, January 25, 2010

Family Fun Fact #47

Hula's love of hats began at a very early age.

And apparently, so did her habit of sticking her nose into things she shouldn't.


Mike Golch said...

I see that you got into everthing just as I did.Hugs my friend.

FYI my blog URL has changedslightly my new one is

Kelley with Amy's Angels said... were (and still are) adorable! : )

J.G. said...

Ditto. Adorable! Now we know where Special Delivery gets that twinkly, "I'm so naughty but I know I can get away with it" look.

oreneta said...

Teeny tiny Hulas are very sweet indeed...and busy too I take it.

Janis said...

I bet you were an ornery little thing! Just the look on your face tells it all. LOL...Love the duct tape!

Anonymous said...

Super cute photos. Just visiting from The Pioneer Woman. Hi!