Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On the Cover of the Rolling Stone

The slumber party with my girlfriends Sunday night was a blast. It was a long night of fun and frivolity, which included a whole lot of this:

And it proved several things, mostly that I can only dream of being a rock star.

But also:

A. Despite my lifelong desire to sing like Aretha Franklin and the numerous hours I spend practicing in the car, I cannot carry a tune, even if it’s in a five gallon bucket with a handle that is duct taped to my fingers.

B. I do NOT know the words to Roxanne.

C. The room isn’t big enough for me to get enough distance between me and the TV in order to read those fuzzy Roxanne lyrics rolling across the screen.

D. I should not be allowed to sing Roxanne ever again, unless it’s in the confines of the shower or my vehicle. Even then, it’s iffy. I hurt my own ears.

E. Alex Van Halen need not worry about me taking over his drumming job. I sound nothing like him. I do, however, look as ragged as he does if I stay up way past my bedtime.

F. I CAN play the drums to We Are The Champions, but as Teen Angel says that’s just, Boom, Boom, Thud over and over again.

G. Lord have mercy, I cannot party like a rock star as I do not bounce back from staying up until 3:30am as quickly as I used to.

H. The only chance I have at working in a rock band is to be one of those backup girls who is just supposed to snap her fingers and look good. And frankly, at age 40-something…any career based on looks is not a wise move. But we can all dream can’t we?


A New England Life said...

Your darned right we can dream! As long as you carry a song in your heart it's all good. LOL!!!

Jan said...

You are really too cute. Bob is always asking me what I did with the money my folks gave me for singing lessons!

The Church Lady said...

I share your dream too. I so love to sing. My kids have a karaoke machine and Playstation American Idol. When I sing, the judges just shake their heads in disgust. In my car though, I can sing as loud as I want! Love your mag photo shoots!

Rink's Ramblings said...

You're one hot rocker Hula!

karisma said...

Carrying a tune is NOT a requirement for singing at my house! Everyone has to have a go! LOL Sounds like loads of fun!

oreneta said...

I don't know Hula....some flops, some flowers, you could be a backup for Buffet, no?

Trailboss said...

You are a riot! It sounds like yall had a grand time. I do however, feel sorry for your shower curtain.

Jan n Jer said...

HaHa..sounds like you had fun with the girls... now everytime I hear "Roxanne on the radio I am going to think of U. Dream on girl..its fun! My Hubby sings at the gym with his ipod...can you see the stares! LOL

Julie said...

Great post! Keep dreaming!