Monday, January 11, 2010

Thank Goodness for Under Armor

Our temperatures were in the single digits this weekend, with wind chills at the bottom of the thermometer. It was cold enough to stick your tongue to a flag pole. If you were so inclined. I was not. In fact, I wasn’t in the mood to do much of anything this past weekend. I just wanted to huddle inside in front of the fireplace with Ford County and let John Grisham amuse me between bowls of homemade soup. However, the light layer of snow kept teasing me with its glistening little wisps, fluttering around the yard and gleaming in the sun like Hollywood made for movie snow, all the time whispering, “Wienie”. Sometimes we get only one snow a winter, and even though it was butt freezing cold, I was afraid I’d miss my only opportunity this year for snow pictures, so I pulled on three layers, a hat, gloves and boots and headed for the door with my camera. And my cell phone in case I fell in a wet ditch and needed someone to pull me out before my core body temperature dropped to sixty degrees.

I’m sometimes jealous of folks like A New England Life, who seem to be surrounded by photogenic scenery such as bridges and gristmills that lend themselves to beautiful snow covered landscapes. We just don’t get that kind of snow around here, and this is farm country, so historic buildings are rare in my neighborhood. However, this is a beautiful part of the country, and I like sharing it with you. That way if you never get to Kentucky you’ll know that there’s more to us than the stereotypes you see in the movies and that one tornado victim with no teeth the reporters always find for national news stories. This, my dear readers, is my community in January’s frosty squeeze.


oreneta said...

Lovely photos, making me want to the dog and the cat like the snow?

John Grisham....I have always avoided him, didn't he write "The Grifters?" Ford County sounds more pleasant somehow...what kind of stuff does he write?

Trailboss said...

As I sit here at work with MY 3 layers on (literally), heavy coat on my legs, space heater close by, I am lovin your pictures. The furthest I got outside this past weekend was about 3' to the dog lead in order to let my puppy out. Otherwise, I was a happy camper inside with the fireplace (albeit a gas insert, not the real thing) blazing.

A New England Life said...

Thank you for the shout out. That's very kind! Speaking of which I don't think I've posted in almost a week. Yikes!

If you keep this up you might end up with a photography blog! Love the old barn. Is it possible you could get up close to photograph it? Wonderful snow and ice scenes too. The leaves, the berries, the tree ... it's all there to be captured. Surely there's more!


A New England Life said...

Oh and by the way, my husband loves his Under Armor too. He's a runner like you!