Thursday, January 21, 2010

Phil Is A Marked Man

Our weather the last couple of days can be summed up in three words: gray, gray and gray. I hate a day that looks the same after the sun comes up as it does before it rises. It’s all rain, rain, rain and gloom, gloom and gloom here. It rained yesterday and even harder today. The clouds really opened up about noon today and drenched everything in site, filling up ditches and making rivers in unexpected places.
Yesterday, I put off a task that required multiple stops around the county because I didn’t want to get wet. Big mistake. I had to get it done today, so there I was, dashing in between downpours, all day long. In and out of the car, stepping into Lake Erie every time I got out. It was the kind of day that reminds me of why I hate winter in western Kentucky. And it’s not over yet. I am headed out the door in a few minutes in heels, hose and a formal dress for a black tie event. I’m sure to step in a few puddles and spend the evening hoping no one can smell the Frito like aroma of wet hose wrapped around feet.

January, February and March are long months for me because of the weather. As mama says, I gripe, piss and moan about the weather from January 1st to March 30th. The gloominess just brings me down. Not in a “can’t get out of bed need some Cymbalta” kind of way, but more of a “somebody kick me for not taking a job in Miami” way. I love the sun. I need some sun. Every day. I guess I could get one of those little lights they prescribe for seasonal disorder, but I don’t think sitting under one of those every day would be enough. I want the whole enchilada; sun, heat and sweat. There will be none of that in the next ten weeks. Just more of the same wet gloominess. (And right here is where people in Haiti are goin’ shut the heck up Hula, and the people in REALLY cold states are rolling their eyes.) I will endure, but if anyone out there in a sunny, warm place wants to ship me a bottle of sunshine, go right ahead. And if that fat little groundhog sees his shadow in a couple of weeks, I’m gonna kick him so hard he’ll be wearin’ his butt for a hat all year long.


Janis said...

Misery loves company....we are here in S.central Ga. temps average 61 high 40 low. We had pouring down hard driving rain and roaring thunder all day long...some parts had high winds and lots of damage. I stayed in my PJ's all day. It was one of those kind of days. They say to blame it on "Elnino" and expect more of the same...sigh! Its better then snow!

J.G. said...

If it makes you feel any better, it rained in Orlando today, too. (Don't ask me what it was like yesterday. You don't want to hear how lovely it was.)

The Church Lady said...

We can look on the positive side...January is almost over? I feel your pain, as I dislike this time of year too. We are expecting an icy, slushy mess tomorrow morning. I suspect schools will be delayed *sigh*.

karisma said...

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I know! Pick Me! Pick Me! (Sorry my nephew was watching Shrek AGAIN today! LOL! I am being Donkey if you don't remember! Jumping up and down to get your attention and all!)

You should totally come down here and visit me! My kids are running away to grow up and stuff as they do! How rude! I have room!

I can't promise it won't rain but the weather is bloody HOT all the time right now! Today I even had the air-con going (I don't like them but my friend came over who can't stand the hot, she needed it on and I have to admit its still going at 11pm as its still very hot!) Apparently we are expecting some clouds and maybe rain on the weekend but its going to still be hot! Boo Hoo!

oreneta said...

Damp makes everyone feel damp....

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