Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow, Beautiful Snow (Yes, I Really Said That)

Well, it did snow. It took it's sweet time, falling about eighteen hours later than anticipated, but when it came, it gave us quite a show. We got about five inches at our house Friday afternoon and night, which isn't much compared to other parts of the country, but around here that's pretty good. It was the big fluffy stuff that covered everything in a lovely ivory blanket. It fell with fury Friday afternoon.

And lasted into the night. The wind was something else. As we snuggled in front of the fireplace and watched TV, it huffed and puffed but didn't blow the house in. It did blow the snow around, creating beautiful little drifts again the house. Yesterday morning, the neighborhood kids did their best to wear out their sleds, reminding me of some rides in washtubs I made down slick hills many years ago.
In the past I would have whined and moaned about it, but this time I tried to enjoy the beauty of the snow. I managed a few pictures before the roads got too slick, and I spent about three hours today at area lakes snapping photos underneath a cold, bright sun. Thanks to the camera, I'm weathering winter better than usual. Don't go thinking I'm losing my dislike for cold weather. I'm still counting down the days until spring, but I made it through this little spat of Old Man Winter with a cheery attitude. And I didn't even have to buy any bread or milk.


The Church Lady said...

We got about 1.5 inches here, but that is just enough to mess the roads up with the freezing temps.

The snow does make for some nice photos!

Mike Golch said...

Snow does make for some great phots.before the put the 176 freeway next to us we hads a whole bunch of trees that were great to see in the winter,great gathering of different birds singing in the spring,great shade during the summer,lovely colors in the fall.Alias no more.

oreneta said...

The stuff is lovely.....glad it's not bugging you too much.

Trailboss said...

It was a beautiful snow wasn't it? It's time it went away though.

Janis said...

Old man winter is reminding you that he is still around...and tomorrow our little friendly groundhog will let us know how many more weeks of good or bad weather. Hang in...spring will be here before we know it.