Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Do What I Say

I saw some friends of mine the other day at a family outing. They were doing a scavenger hunt and their daughter, the oldest of their three children, was leading the way. She's in first grade and was directing everyone where to go and telling them what to do. Her younger brothers were not exactly cooperative, but she was undaunted. Her mom seemed compelled to explain, somewhat apologetically, for her behavior.

"Oh, I get it, really I do," I said. "As the big sister of two younger brothers, I completely see her point of view." And I'm sure at least Handy Man would back me up on that.

Fortunately, for him, those loud curtains distract your eyes from those clothes I had him dressed up in. Somewhat.


Linda said...

I LOVE that shot! Does he hate you for it now??? My younger brother was never that amenable to being dressed up! How cute and what a priceless photo!

Living Life said...

Poor guy. He looks pretty sweet as a young girl! lol